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VAN HOVE –UYTTERHOEVEN (Putte) keep on shining as just before

18 Feb 2020

It feels weird…visiting Van Hove-Uytterhoeven and knowing that we had to say good bye all of a sudden a few months ago from Mit Janssens. Mit was born in ’36 and passed away unexpectedly on the 23rd of August 2019. Mit made pigeon sport popular amongst women…due to the marvellous results she had with her racing team everybody knew…a women’s hand on the pigeon loft guarantees more success! We will remember Mit as an ambitious women who could speak passionate about her beloved pigeons. Luckily she could enjoy a wonderful season where they won a national victory and 2 provincial victories. 


The base where the Van Hove-Uytterhoeven colony is based on…is a story like no other ! During the Second World war it was forbidden to keep pigeons…and those who didn’t want to slaughter their pigeons could bring them to aviaries in Anderlecht and Schaarbeek…off course against a high price.
Evrard Havenith...back then one of the Antwerp glories…feared that after the war years nothing much would remain of his so famous and feared racing team. He liked to be better safe than sorry and brought an entire round of eggs (60) to Jos Uytterhoeven. If things went wrong he could always get back to his old strain after the war. 
But Havenith got his pigeons back after the war…and the Havenith-pigeons remained in Putte. For Jos Uytterhoeven a blessing as this solid base brought him a lot of success but also later they formed for 90% the foundation of the loft Van Hove-Uytterhoeven.
On a loft…made out of old beer crates…was “Oude Flippe” (a pure “Havenith”) the base breeder of the loft. As youngster he was a super pigeon and won in 1972…together with ‘Kennedy’…the car out of Etampes. He moved afterwards to the loft of Van Hove-Uytterhoeven... where he rather quick got the status of being a top breeder. 
In 1973 Gust and Mit Vanhove built, on a stone throw from Uncle Jos, a new house…and also pigeon lofts. The new lofts were built with the profit they made from the old loft. So they started with a lot of enthusiasm racing pigeons on their own account and as the colony existed for the bigger part out of pigeons from Jos Uytterhoeven, the name Uytterhoeven was being kept in the tandem name.
The “Oude Flippe” was at the cradle of the young Van Hove-Uytterhoeven colony...his son “Late Flippe” was a better breeder. “Oude Bange” x “Pareltje” formed the first years a real top couple! Very carefully some new blood was added... ”Hofkens I” and “Hofkens II”... both from Karel Schellens... and a few pigeons from Flor Engels and sons, Putte (co-breeding with the 5 best breeding cocks and hens).
The golden strain was kept with the super breeding couple “Golden Boy” x “Annabel”... and both on mothers’ side as on fathers’ side the inheritage goes back to the “Oude Flippe” ! The formed the back spine of the colony who would harvest world success…and that would claim a spot in between the national and international elite ! 


It isn’t given to all champions to remain at the top. The art to support a strong and solid breeding base and to strengthen possibly with new blood is oh so difficult. But son Geert, who off course learned it from his parents, does have apparently that “fingerspitzengefühl” to keep the successful breeding lines even more…to strengthen them even further with new breeding phenomenon’s. Geert strengthen his back when he starts telling his : “Our biggest goal is to discover the ‘ultimate breeder’…but that is off course easier said than done. We do on strain breeding and the big blood strains throughout our colony are the "Flippe-strain”, the strain of the “Golden Boy”, strain of “Bange II”  and “Jonge Zanzibar”. These blood strains were being crossed in amongst each other and we added for 20% strange blood. During the years we found out that the crossings with this ‘strange’ blood works really well. We were very successful with pigeons from Vandenabeele (“Bliksem strain”), Kris Cleirbaut (“Lady Delores strain ”) and Vervloesem (“Pataya” and “Bangkok strain”)
“Golden Boy” x “Annabel” is a super breeding couple, but “Golden Boy” coupled against another hen was also more than once bingo ! Discovering a good breeding couple is off course a good cause but discovering a super breeder who gives good off spring with several different hens is a 6 in the lottery ! We found such a super breeder in the ‘Bangkok’ strain.


When Geert has to point out a certain cock as ‘headman’ of his breeding loft he doesn’t doubt for a minute and points out “Bangkok” (original Vervloesem).  Underneath a short overview of what this unique breeder has trapped onto this world. What strikes us especially is that we could point out to more than one generation where the breeding value of ‘Bangkok’ is so determining.

“Bangkok” is father to :

“White Tulle” B13-6250116, winner of: 1 National (z) Tulle 2,037b. - 3 National Tulle 5,731b.

“Orlando” 079-14, winner of: 1 National (z) Brive 4,616b. – 4 National 9,409b.

“Bangkok Tiger” 120-16  -  Top breeder, father to “Ace 043” (9 Best pigeon of Belgium over 7 national races) – “143-18” (73 Nat. z Bourges 7,502b.) – “Kollos” (8 x Top-10 club)

“Ratko 465-17”: winner of 1 Soissons 758b., 2 Momignies 717d. – 4 Soissons 871b. – 7 Blois 401b. and so on…

“Atilla” 558-17 won: 1 Momignies 397b. Is father to “552-19” (10 National Chateauroux 19,529b.)

“Aisa” 121-18 won in 2 seasons 16 prizes – 9 prov. Argenton 2,579b. – 124 Nat. Chateauroux 24,611b. - 347 Nat. Montluçon 14,104b. – and so on…

“Son Bangkok 022-18” won in 2 seasons 26 prizes whereof : 1 Limoges 162b. – 7 Provincial 1,226b. – 36 Nat (z) 3,418b. – 243 Nat. 10,783b. – 7 Melun 413b. – 11 Soissons 425b. – 11 Momignies 278b. – 13 Melun 700b. – 13 Melun 1,125b. – enz…

“Bangkok” is grandfather to:

“Miss Grand Cru” 012-16 (daughter “White Tulle”), winner of 1 Ace bird Union Antwerp 500km races ’16 – 3 Best youngster of Belgium over 4 national races - 4 National Ace bird KBDB Long Distance youngsters ‘16

“Benfica” and “Porto”. These two nest brothers won on Tulle national the 4th and 9th prize provincial and the 37th and 59th prize national against 10,128 year birds ! 

“Lady Grand Cru II” 271-16 (daughter “White Tulle”), proven breeding hen and mother “Day Dream”(001-18), “625-19”, “Romantica 648-17”, “Tico 647-17” – “Taco 441-17”(see all information further down)

“Prince Champagne 272-16”: is father to 1 National Valence (682km) ’19 against 7,974b. and to “White Spirit” (020-18) and “Hello” (120-18) : see all information further down

“Memory 017-16”: won in 3 seasons 28 prizes whereof the 26, 56, 57, 70, 74 and 94 National (z)

“Lady Grand Cru II” (221-16): is mother to “Boban” (561-17 – winner of 2 x 1st)

“Troica” (679-15): won in 3 seasons 32 prizes whereof 4 x Top-10 club

“Platina” (600-17): 1 Noyon 662b.

“Prestina” (500-17): 1 Vierzon 248b. and 24 prizes in 2 seasons

“Jewel Orlando 181-16”: mother to“559-17” (1 Momignies 397b.),  “Aston Martin” (39 prizes in 3 seasons with 15 x Top-10 club), “Markies” (won in 3 seasons 31prizes with 1 x 1 en 5 x Top-10 club), “Telstar”( 1 Blois)

“Tango D’amore” 244-16: Is father to “Orawan” (won 39 prizes in 3 seasons whereof 6 x Top-10) and “927-18” (7 National Bourges 28,319b.)

“Ace 043” : 9 Best pigeon of Belgium over 7 national races

“143-18” : winner to 73 Nat. z Bourges 7,502b.

“Kollos” won: 8 x Top-10 club

“552-19”: 6 National Chateauroux 19,529b.

“625-19”: 10 National Chateauroux 19,529b.

 “Bangkok” is great-grandfather to:

“Valance” (570-15): 1 National Valence (682km) ’19 against 7,974b. – 84 National Argenton 8,772b. . 

”White Spirit” (020-18) winner of 10 Nat (z) Bourges 7,502b. 

“Hello” (120-18) winner of 21 prizes over 2 seasons whereof 6 x Top-10

“Spicy” (daughter “Miss Grand Cru”), winner of: 1 Noyon 224b. – 7 Bourges 133b. – 8 Noyon 717b. – 10 Chevrainvilliers 554b. and so on…

 “Day Dream” (001-18): won: 1 Nat (z) Argenton 7,115b. with 4 minutes head. Also the fastest against 11,465b-  6 National Argenton 22,826b. – won as youngster ao:  57 National Chateauroux 17,269b.

“625-19”: 8 National (z) Chateauroux 6,161b. – 10 National 19,529b.

“Romantica 648-17”: won in 3 seasons 34 prizes whereof 9 x Top-10 on club level !

“Tico 647-17”: won in 3 seasons 30 prizes whereof 1 Argenton club and 60, 89 and 96 National zone

“Taco 441-17”: won in 3 seasons 30 prizes whereof 43 and 92 National zone

“Boban” (561-17) : 1 Melun 183b. – 1 Melun 495b. – won 29 prizes in 3 seasons

“Markies” (458-17): won in 3 seasons 31 prizes with 1 x 1 and 5 x Top-10 club

“559-17” : won 1 Momignies 397b.

“Aston Martin”: won 39 prizes in 3 seasons with 15 x Top-10 club

“Telstar”: won 1 Blois 

“Orawan” : won 39 prizes in 3 seasons whereof 6 x Top-10 

“527-19” : won 7 National Bourges 28,319b.


Since 2018 they draw again the cart of the pure widowhood. Experience thaught that especially cocks that where being raced on total widowhood couldn’t perform that well. The past years the youngsters weren’t being tested enough so Geert had yearly a large team on unexperienced year birds (70 for the season of  2019) and that is something he now changed in 2019. Now the youngsters were being put on the national races and that is something that the competitors knew. On Bourges national they started with a 7th National against 28,319b (great-grandchild ‘Bangkok’) and on Chateauroux they started with the 6th National (grandchild ‘Bangkok’) and a 10th National (greatgrandchild ‘Bangkok’). The amount of old pigeons in the racing team was very limited with only 9 old cocks and 11 old racing hens 

“DE VALENCE” B17-6206570: 1 NATIONAL VALENCE (682km) 7,974b.