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Rino Verheye from Aalbeke has the best yearling after 2 National races

20 Jun 2022

After 2 national races from Bourges & Argenton, Rino Verheye is currently in the lead among the yearlings at national level. There is still a long way to go to a national ace pigeon, but better to have 2 top prizes in hand than none. For them again proof that they are doing a good job. This top yearling is a grandson of “Jommeke”. Two years in a row, the superstar 1st Prov Ace Pigeon All Round once again showed his class in West Flanders and in the breeding loft.

Only with cocks as old and yearling

We only race here with widowers due to lack of time. This winter the racing team consisted of 50 cocks where a selection is made between lofts for the extreme middle distance and the one day long distance. The widowers just do winter breeding and are put together for a few days just before the season during training.

The period from the beginning of March to approximately 7-8 May, they were darkened from 5 p.m. until after dark. In the evening the curtains go back and they wake up to the morning sun.

In terms of training, it is therefore not possible to have them train twice a day as long as the eclipse is running. After 7-8 May they will also come out in the evening. They fly for one hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening. This is without obligation but they know this as well as the fall boards go up.

When basketing, only the dish is shown for 5 minutes. This one is not present in the loft during the whole week. When the hen comes home, the hen is ready and they can go outside for a short time. The first flights are 20 to 30 minutes and now the longest they have been together is 3 hours. On Sunday they get a bath, but I have to put this outside because there are no aviaries in front of the loft, so this is not a weekly ritual when duty calls.

As mentioned, the widowers are divided for 500 and 600km or more. The pigeons for the extreme middle distance are usually raced in blocks of 2 national races and then rest for a week. The pigeons for the long distance race a one-day long distance flight every 14 days.

Best yearling on this moment

BE 21-3061120 “Omega” Cock
Best yearling after 2 National races on heavy middle distance 2022

This top yearling also became 5th Prov Ace pigeon All Round KBDB 2021 in 2021

  6           Clermont                672b
  8 Prov Argenton             4.091b
27 Nat                              18.763b
12 Prov Bourges               3.696b
15 Prov Chateaudun        3.635b ( 1-491b )
38 Prov Chateaudun        2.333b
54 Prov Montoire              3.334b
88 Prov Pontoise            10.606b

Sire BE 18-3070898 Luther
Co breeding Rino Verheye x Ton Van Den Hoogen
Won 11th National Argenton 22.826b

Gr.F. BE 17-3029865 Brother 1 Prov Tours 2.389b – Rino Verheye
                Son from top couple “Ensor”  x “Francesca”
Gr.M. NL 12-1626916 Olympic Ireen – Ton Van Den Hoogen
                Olympiad bird Budapest 2014

Mother BE 18-3070908 Lucia 

Gr.F. BE 16-3005665 Jommeke
                1 Prov Ace All Round old + year birds KBDB 2017
                1 Prov Ace All Round young birds KBDB 2016
                13 Nat Ace M.D. KBDB 2017
                Won a.o. 1 Prov Chateauroux 3.084b – 3 Prov Tours 1.637b – 8 Prov Pontoise 17.902b
                8 Prov Tours 3.414b – 13 Prov Pontoise 10.712b – 15 Prov Clermont 14.686b - 
                26 Prov Orleans 1.649b – 36 Prov Tours 6.720b – 46 Prov Compiegne 19.493b
                Father from 1 Prov Brionne 4.440b and 2 Prov Ace All Round KBDB 2021
                Son from top couple “Hells Angel” 5 x 1st x “Sister Baron”
Gr.M. BE 16-3005631 Julie 
                6 Prov Ace All Round KBDB 2016
                Full sister “Hercules” 1 Nat Ace “As der Azen” LCB 2014
                1 Prov Chateaudun 1.267b 
                Daughter from base couple “Benny Hill” x “Emillia” 


The widowers are fed separately in their box twice a day, this makes them more stable and you can see which pigeons are eating well and which are not. They always get this after training. The pigeons receive Sport and Purification from Natural and Beyers Vandenabeele. In addition, they get fresh grit every day and grit mix on Mondays and Wednesdays.

As by-products it is usually something from the Röhnfried range that is given, when they get home this is Avipharm and Mumm together and in the evening they are given Avisana drops for disinfection. The day after returning home, they receive a yellow drop in their mouth every week for disinfection.
During the week it is Gerwit – W or Usne Gano.For the medical care Rino and Miranda always go to Pascal Lannoo every 14 days in the season. Until now there was no treatment against tricho and they were given something for the airways 3 days before the racing season.

Miranda and Rino, congratulations on the top results again from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

Buelens Kim