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Kobe & Kato Herbots, Velm shine again on the National races in 2021

08 Nov 2021

The Limburg village Velm, homebase of Kobe & Kato Herbots together with their father Raf Herbots. They race since 2013 young pigeons with as goal to shine from the beginning of the season till the end of the season, they have to do a lot of kilometres in a few months of time and look together for the modern pigeon that can handle this with the combination in top achievements. A search for ace birds that can get home in all kind of circumstances, that was the goal of the past years and this has given good results by now. 

Top results 2021 on own loft

2021 was a difficult year for the youngsters with very heavy races but also then they race really well over here with only few losses on the national races. 


Argenton I.Prov 722 young birds : 1,9,10,15,18,30,42,… 
Bourges Nat Jeugd 1.007 young birds : 1,2,9,15,17,20,22,33,41,88,. 33/52
Bourges Nat 18.710 young birds : 71,101,291,561,610,714,890,…. 
Chateauroux I.Prov 721 young birds : 2,39,40,44,59,60,66,… 23/41
La Souterraine I.Prov 402 young birds : 8,13,14,15,18,21,26,30,33,41,… 21/40
Momignies 286 young birds : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,16,20,…. 22/34
Momignies 264 young birds : 2,3,5,9,17,18,19,20,21,…. 24/36
Chimay 305 young birds : 3,4,5,10,12,15,16,23,24,24,26,27,…. 
Momignies 309 young birds : 2,6,7,7,9,10,10,… 
Momignies 205 young birds : 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,11,12,12,14,15,16,17,…. 
Vervins 433 young birds : 2,7,8,9,10,11,12,14,15,16,…. 
Nanteuil 530 young birds : 7,9,10,13,14,16,17,…. 
Dizy 683 young birds : 5,6,15,16,17,17,19,20,21,23,32,33,43,… 26/48
Sens 437 young birds : 6,7,14,15,23,26,27,… 25/46

Toppers of the season 2021

We like to introduce the best pigeons that are present in the auction that ends next Wednesday the 10th of November at 14h00

BE 21-2061049 “Geof Bourges”
A real topper that showed himself a few weeks before his nestbrother on the 1st National race out of Bourges with a 71st National against 18,710 youngsters. A few weeks later his nestbrother won the 1st National La Souterraine against 14,315b in a very heavy edition. These are the pigeons that show themselves on every national race just as their ancestors. 

BE 21-2061330 “Jef II”
Showed himself directly after “Geof Bourges” and made nice results on other races as well. Also he has the golden breeding strain of van “Super Geof” crossed in with “Sagan” 1st National Greater Middle Distance over 4 races in 2017 at  Van den Abbeel - Van Paesschen.

BE 21-2130131 “Quiet Geof”
Is a son to base breeder “Geof” who is crossed in here with a top hen from the Herbots family and is also a granddaughter to their base breeder “Yvan”.
This cock has both the LDHA ( AB ) and DRD4 ( TTCC ) in his genes. 

BE 21-6036500 “Robin 500” ( Robin Van Leuven ) 
Shined on the last national race with a 22nd National against 18,718b and is out of the best of the best from Robin Van Leuven. Who is especially successful with pigeons from Stefaan Lambrechts

BE 21-6087800 “F-800” ( Bart & Nance Van Oeckel )
Won the 4th I. Provincial Ace bird GMD 2021 and is a granddaughter to “Gucci” and “Gaston Jr”. 

BE 21-5095649 “Harry Argenton” ( Nouwen – Paesen )
Won 1st I.Prov Argenton against 722b ( 94th Nat 23,124b ) and 1st on Momignies against 286b. An all-round pigeon that just as his brothers has the winning genes inside of him. You can find especially the strain of “Harry” Jan Hooymans & Heremans Ceusters in his blood. 

BE 21-2061026 “Ludwina”
Won as youngster 4 x TOP 10 on the shorter races but has the super strong genes AA ( LDHA ) in her. She is a granddaughter to “F16” from Bart & Nance Van Oeckel

BE 21-2061151 “David”
A top cock All Round, won both on the shorter races as 500+ Top 10
His father comes from the top loft from Liliane Demely and his mother is a granddaughter to “Gaston Jr” from Bart & Nance Van Oeckel