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Herman & Wim Michiels from Massenhoven became 1st National Champion Rhone Valley KBDB 2021

22 Jun 2022

With the Rhone Valley you only get 3 chances on the national flights and in principle you have to score 3x top to become National Champion. This was the case for the father and son combination Herman & Wim Michiels from Massenhoven in Antwerp. They win the championship by clocking 5 pigeons in the top 100 National.

Father Herman always had pigeons but son Wim immediately fell in love with the heavier work, but as with everyone in the past, it was already speed that struck the clock. After their shorter flights they always went to see Jos Van Olmen when he clocked again in the extreme long distance. The best pigeons in the area for those flights were there, so we wanted to buy pigeons from Jos. That didn't work, but Jos set them on their way without it having to cost money. That is why she decided in 2011 to provide a separate loft to race the long distance and especially the extreme long distance. The first 4 summer youngsters came from Jos van Olmen where they could still go for 5 pairs of eggs the following year. This was the real start for them and it is also the basic breed that you can find in their top pigeons. In addition, they also succeeded from pigeons from Ludovicus Van de Wouwer, Frans & Gunther Vanderschraelen and Sebrechts (Luc Van Hoecke race). In total there are now only 5 breeders for the long distance and they are mainly working to convert a stock. With already 2 x 1st Provincial Agen and a national championship title on top of that, they are well on their way.


There are 22 widowers (old and yearlings together) for the long distance and extreme long distance. Father Herman stays at the speed and together they both enjoy their hobby. The care in the morning for father Herman as Wim is working and immediately after work he comes in the early evening to take care of his team. The pigeons for the further distances did not raise any youngsters in the winter of 2020-2021, this year they were coupled around New Years and they were allowed to raise 1 youngster.

In the beginning, the daily training is only once a day in the evening. From April this rhythm is increased to 2x a day and the sprint and long distance pigeons fly separately. The pigeons have a different way of training and flying together is not a good idea.

The flying in is especially important, they race 2x Quievrain, 2x Noyon, 2x middle distance and then 2 national races ( Bourges and Argenton ). Afterwards the pigeons are divided over the national flights and they only participate with 2 or 3 pigeons per flight. The small basket as before can still break high pots.

When basketing, they get their hens for a quarter of an hour to a maximum of half an hour. The other pigeons just stay in the loft because they know what is going to happen. After the flight, they can stay with them all night because they only fly 2 or 3 large flights a year.

What experience do you let them have as a youngster?

Here both groups are below each other and are therefore also obscured. The pigeons of the long distance race a national race in order to gain more experience towards their best seasons as yearlings or old birds.

Best flyers in the racing loft

BE 17-6148914 Dark Michiels Cock 
2nd National Ace Agen 2018-2019

    1 Prov Agen                       500b
  11 Nat                                4.078b
    4 Prov Agen                       468b
  22 Nat                                3.935b
    5 Prov Narbonne              428b
180 Nat                               3.873b

Sire BE 11-6239374 Dark Chequered – Vanderschraelen
Grandfather 1  Prov Agen ’21 845b – 9de Int.Nat 18.056b

Mother BE 15-6171621 Blue white flight – Ceusters Gustaaf

BE 16-6077637 Dark Chequered white flight Cock 

  7 Prov Pau                        370b
15 Prov Pau                        226b
20 Prov St.Vincent             324b
34 Prov St.Vincent             389b
54 Prov Limoges             1.318b

Brother 1  Prov Agen ’21 845b – 9de Int.Nat 18.056b

Sire BE 11-6239345 Geschelpte – Jos Van Olmen
Won 13 Vierzon 1.827b – 28 Agen 815b – 34 Tulle 638b

Gr.F. BE 10-6082158 Geschelpte – Jos Van Olmen
Gr.M. BE 09-6156790 Blauw – Jos Van Olmen

Mother BE 13-6121037 Black 

Gr.F. BE 11-6239374 Dark Chequered – Vanderschraelen
                Grandfather from “914/17” 5 Prov Narbonne 428b - 11 Nat Agen 4.078b – 22 Nat Agen 3.935b
Gr.M. BE 09-6357599 Dark Chequered – Gijsbrechts 

BE 18-6086356 Chequered white flight Cock 

13 Prov Valence                719b
13 Prov Brive                     384b
28 Prov Montelimar          413b
36 Prov Souillac                372b

Sire BE 13-6121051 Chequered
Won zelf 7 Cahors 629b – 22 Tulle 836b – 49 Brive 741b

Gr.F. BE 12-6316950 Chequered – Jos Van Olmen
Gr.M. BE 12-6141254 Blue – Jos Van Olmen x L Van de Wouwer

Mother BE 15-6093788 Chequered
Won 3th Montelimar 253b

Gr.F. BE 12-6307519 Chequered white flight – Binnemans Vandeweyer
Gr.M. NL 09-3910250 Steketee x Gust Sebregts

Simple food system

The pigeons here always receive Premium Widowhood from Beyers in both lofts. As an extra they get some candy and peanuts. The last days before the flight they get some energy-rich seeds as a last boost. Furthermore, always give vitamins from Schroeder – Tollisan on Tuesday for the long distance pigeons and on Thursday for the sprint pigeons. When they get home, they always get electrolytes from Natural.
They also try medically to keep the pigeon naturally strong. There is only a vaccination for paramyxo and rota in the spring, just like a cure against tricho and that's it.

Herman & Wim, congratulations on these great achievements from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

Buelens Kim