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Vandenheede Freddy & Jacques

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1st and 2nd National Vierzon 11,606 yearbirds

Kruisem: We already saw many strong and unique results from this East-Flemish colony out of Kruisem (the new name of Zingem) but what they did the past weekend is from an extra-terrestrial level ! A result that never have been seen set by any fancier in Belgium ever on national level… registrate the fastest 5 pigeons against 32,299b…even Jacques and Freddy, who have already experienced so many things in their lives, had to squeeze each other’s cheeks to be sure that they weren’t dreaming!

Freddy…can you describe this achievement in 3 words?
“Du jamais vu”… to be honest, this a result that is very hard for us to comprehend. With 171 pigeons basketed on Vierzon we did have a large group and the wind was favourable for the fanciers from our region…but even then it isn’t logic to put this kind of result on paper. Their arrival will be something we will never ever forget. There was a group of 5 pigeons heading for the loft and 3 of them went directly into the loft and in the meantime 2 others came out of another direction towards us. These 5 pigeons were 1 cock and 4 hens and the cock clocked as first.

Were these winners raced on widowhood?
No…the cock was on widowhood since 2 weeks but the hens were raced on a nest position. They had a youngster from about 16 to 17 days old. Last weekend they raced Provincial Orléans and the Monday after the race their cock was taken away from the loft and they had to take care of the youngster all by themselves. Some fanciers ask us whether the hens train enough this way, well, I must say that they don’t have any problem with it at all. They train without a problem for a whole hour. Next weekend they will go to Bourges National and also on this race the hens will be basketed with a youngster in their nest. Afterwards they will be placed on widowhood and this for the rest of the season.

Can you tell a bit more about the winners?
The winner old birds and also the fastest of all is the blue white pin cock “B17-4200342”. He is a very calm pigeon without any special specifications. He is a late bred from 2017 and hardly saw the inside of a basket at his birthyear. Last year he needed to get experience and got noticed with a 13th national Tulle against 5,326b. He is out of the best strains from our colony. He is a double grandson from one of our base breeders “Tringerfinger” and also a grandson “Mariska” (1st National Argenton).

The national winner year birds is a chequered white pin hen B18-4097035. She is a half-sister (same father) from the 2nd National Bourges 18,478b and is a daughter “Steffi” (14th National ace bird KBDB at Vergotte A.) . On father’s side she is a granddaughter “New Freddy” (1st National ace bird KBDB Middle Distance 2010). She is a smaller type and a very nervous one.

Your former national winners all got a direct ticket towards the breeding loft. Is this what you are going to do now as well?
Yes…all 5 of them will go to the breeding loft. Experience thought us that the chance to breed good ones out of national winners is very big. We will also place the 2nd and 3rd nationals on the breeding loft as these come out of our ‘older base breeders’ and so we can hold on to the genes of these winning lines.
About the care and preparation of the racing team we would like to share the link of a very educational 2-parted reportages which we published at the beginning of this year onto our site. Truly worthwhile to read this again.

Click here to read Part 1 of the reportage ‘Vandenheede’

Click here to read Part 2 of the reportage ‘Vandenheede’

Freddy and Jacques…again congratulations on this result that has written Belgian Pigeon history. We are already looking out for your next power display.



Stefan Mertens

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