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Zingem: The famous Heulestraat in Zingem…not only the brothers Freddy and Jacques Vandenheede live in this street but also the known long distance racer Deksens Wilson has his lofts here. Since 1973 he lives together with his wife Lydie in the Heulestraat and shortly after they moved there, the first pigeon lofts in their garden were a fact. First he raced like hell on the short distance races, afterwards he perfectly switched onto the middle distance and greater middle distance. The last decade Wilson specialized on the long distance and extreme long distance races. With results as in the meantime he managed to gather amazing results with as current highlights : 1st National Ace bird long distance KBDB 2012 with ‘New Ace’, 1st National Limoges 2014 against 18,407b and now the national victory out of Tulle. “A victory that really gets to me” says Wilson while we’re walking towards the pigeon lofts….”honestly, I didn’t expected the pigeons yet. I was in my lazy seat watching television when I suddenly saw a pigeon racing towards the loft in the corner of my eye. The clock only pointed out to be 13h30…that couldn’t be a Tulle racer, could it…but when I had a closer look I saw that it indeed was one of my pigeons from Tulle.”
Clocked at 13h31min and 11 seconds for a distance of 612km the ‘Geschelpte 157’ gets a speed of 1,694.82m/m. He has beaten all 9,491 Tulle racers and leaves in the category of the old pigeons the pigeons from Billiau Ronny (Adinkerke – 1623 m/m) and Velghe Frans and Kris (Zwevezele – 1612 m/m) behind.


With a team of 29 old and 45 yearling cocks Wilson started of the season of 2018. These are all cocks who are being raced according the principle of the classic widowhood. Important to know is that all old pigeons are on one department and that all yearling cocks are on another. These departments can be divided in smaller departments by means of a sliding door. The widow cocks didn’t get a winter breeding but have to wait until March to see their partner appear on the loft. First all old pigeons are being coupled and 14 days later the year birds are being coupled. All can breed for 8 days and then the nest is being taken away and the hens return to the aviaries. When the cocks get their first training races beginning of April, some of the year birds can come together with their hen again so they get to know the rules of the game of widowhood rather fast.

From May on they train twice a day. In the morning first the old birds and when they all are in, the year birds can start training. In the evening it is the other way around…then the year birds can stretch their wings first and afterwards the old ones.


Wilson continues: “The past weeks we had nearly every day a basketing and that’s why it isn’t easy as a fancier to feed all pigeons in a proper way. To foresee all pigeons of the necessary energy I do the next: In a common feeding trunk the pigeons always have “Super Weduwschap” from Beyers at their disposal. The ones who need to be basketed get the last few days before basketing their food individually, so in their box, and this with a fat rich mixture of  Van Robaeys and an extra portion of peanuts. On the day of basketing itself at about 13h00, the pigeons who are going to be basketed get an extra portion of rice.
In a matter of side products I also mix on the day of basketing some Belgasol in the water and also Gervit-W or Tollyamin will be added in the drinking pot. Oh yes…my young pigeons get nearly daily a mixture of “PH-Control” + “Oregano liquid” + “Tollyamin Forte” … I’m going to touch wood but I managed to keep my youngsters healthy until now this way.
In a medical way I cured 14 days before Barcelona against trichomoniases. Against ornithes the old pigeons didn’t get anything yet, the year birds were already cured against this.


The national Tulle winner is a chequered cock (B15-4121157). The “157” is small and perfectly build. Before he won national Tulle, he already won:

768 Internat. Carcasonne 7,811b. – 434 Nat.
434 Prov. Vierzon 7,056b.
1,227 Nat. Limoges 14,937b.
1,387 Nat. Brive 9,140b.
1,745 Nat. Limoges 9,120b.
3,072 Nat. Bourges 20,284b.
1,880 Nat. Brive 9,278b.
1 National Tulle 4,171b

At the question whether the national winner was motivated in a special way wasn’t an immediate reply. “As always the cocks who are going to be basketed for a race get to see their hen for 45  minutes, this while the other loft mates are training outside. Did something happen…I don’t know…it can be as the cock isn’t being locked up in his box with his hen but can be free on the loft.”

Wilson…once again a big congratulations from the entire Herbots team.

B15-4121157: 1st NATIONAL TULLE 4,171 OLD BIRDS

Stefan Mertens

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