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DE WITTE MARNIQUE (Maldegem): 1st National Montauban 5,408 old birds

Maldegem: At 6h50 the Montauban racers were released with a bright blue sky. At departure there wasn’t any wind but bit by bit a though north-eastern wind came up so it wasn’t an easy race at all. So it was a long wait before the first announcements were made and these came from the known tandem Vandemeulebroecke Carlos & Xavier (Saint Leger – would end up finally as 3rd National ) with 1.005,68 m/m. The calculating machines could start working so everybody could sum-up when they needed to clock their first pigeon and a few minutes later there was a faster pigeon announced and this at Van Overwaele Gabriel (Michelbeke – who would end up as 2nd national) with a speed of 1,008.51 m/m. But on an even further distance, namely at 801km, a pale cock from Marnique De Witte showed up at 19h51min and 6 sec, good for the national victory at a speed of 1,025.85 m/m.

This national victory is more than a boost for the 72 year old Marnique. Last year he got an cerebral haemorrhage while the pigeons from Libourne were falling. He even won a 1st Provincial victory on this race. Afterwards it became a though fight for Marnique to be able to recover well. On a pigeon level he can count on his wife and the brothers Van Landeghem and thanks to them he can show off with the national victory out of Montauban. At the moment Marnique can go onto the lofts again and when the pigeon isn’t a wringer he can even check them out.

The national victory was won by a pale cock “B16-4124974”. A guy with the necessary reference as he won last year, together with his nest brother “B16-4124973” the 3rd place in the national championship of the Long Distance and Greater Long Distance. Unfortunately the ‘973’ was lost on a race and Marnique had to continue with one leader less. The ‘974’ reside on a beautiful garden loft with 9 boxes nevertheless only 3 cocks own a box. This works good on the mutual struggle and jealousy. Marnique explains : ‘ the week before basketing the ‘974’ showed his condition during the daily trainings. He raced as crazy back and forward and I know when he starts doing that he could take care of a nice result and that’s why his ring number was at the top of my basketing list. That he would win nationally is something I couldn’t even dream of. This is truly enjoying live !

A long distance colony asks for long distance pigeons and Marnique found these at ao. Gebr.
Van Landschoot from Maldegem (they are the breeders of the national winner), Luc Van Hoecke from Oedelem, Team Freddy De Jaeger from Knesselare and Robert Braet from Maldegem where especially pigeons from the strain from Etiennen Devos were bought.
The racing team exists out of 15 old and 16 year bird, all widow cocks. These were coupled on the 10th of February and could raise a couple of youngsters. The rest of the system is as with many other fanciers. The pigeons train once a day (in the evening) and are being fed light at the beginning of the week to change to a sports mixture enriched with corn the last few days before basketing. In a medical way they were being cured against trichomoniases the last 5 days and that’s it .
The hen will never be showed at basketing only the nest dish is being showed but at homecoming they can mostly stay with their partner until the next day, especially when they’ve done a long distance race.
Pigeon sport is pure relaxation over here…enjoying with friends and waiting for pigeons under the perfectly pruned platan trees.

Marnique…the entire Herbots team likes to wish you a lot of success and a good revalidation.

B16-4124974 : 1st National Montauban 5,408 old birds

Stefan Mertens

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