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FASTEST OF 6,695b.

Velocity: 1167,81 m/m

Distance: 656km


Hyon: With Montélimar the 2nd Rhône Valley race was on the program. Seen the dominating Eastern wind  we expected the winner to be in the central part of the country and this was the case…the fastest Montélimar winner was clocked in the province Henegouwen, more specific in the town Hyon. The man-women tandem Ingrid Goossens and Jean-Pierre Druart live there. Their blue cock “Golden Palace” (B16-2207367) shined classful and made that his bosses could sign up for a 2nd national victory after their 1st national victory out of Irun in 2007.


Before we could raise our first question, Jean-Pierre wanted to point out that his winner was an original Surinx-Pletsers pigeon. “I am so pleased with my national victory but also very pleased that I won this victory with a direct pigeon from Hilaire Surinx and Nadia Pletser. Hilaire and Nadia are more than friends and since 3 years we exchange youngsters to race with a lot of successes. They won already a.o. a 4th National Bourges with a direct pigeon from me and now I win the 1st National with a direct pigeon from them. But this isn’t the first results I’ve set here with the Surinx-Pletsers pigeons. This season they already won here the 72nd and 81st National Bourges against 20,284b. – the 55th National Valence against 7,682b. and the 173rd  Nat. Limoges against 15,789b….and all of this with original pedigrees from Surinx-Pletsers. Unbelievable that this is happening and we will celebrate this victory together very well without a doubt.


Ingrid and Jean-Pierre maintain a team of 50 widow cocks. Seen that Jean-Pierre works still full-time there isn’t any time left to race the hens. The main goal is to shine on the one day long distance and they have as a base for this pigeons from Eric Limbourg (Brussegem), Casaert Maurice (Néchin) and off course Surinx-Pletsers (Nieuwerkerken).

The widow cocks were being coupled mid of February and could breed maximum for 8 days. Afterwards everything was taken out and they were on widowhood. The 3rd week of April the 1st short distance race was being done and after 2x short distance, 1x small middle distance and 1x Orleans they headed direction Bourges National.
The widow cocks reside on 4 departments and as long as it is possible all the pigeons from 1 department are being raced on the same races. Along the racing season progresses this isn’t tenable anymore.
In a matter of feeding Jean-Pierre has the fullest confidence in the Columbi range (commercialised by Frédéric Leclercq from Taintignies). The mixture “Recup Prestige” is the base mixture and the last three days before basketing this is being replaced by “Energy Prestige”. Side products are given on a regular base and these also all come out of the Columbi range.
Medically they only had, aside the obliged vaccinations, middle of May a 7-day cure against tricho. Three weeks ago this cure was being repeated during 2 days. Nothing was given against ornithoses. 

This year the widow cocks train extremely well. Without any obligation they train with a lot of fun during a full hour and when they get a bath at their disposal on Wednesday they don’t hesitate for a second to jump into it.


The national Montélimar winner is a marvellous pigeon. Average type, thick muscles surrounded by a pack soft feathers. Jean-Pierre couldn’t answer the question whether he was motivated in a special way. ‘On the day of basketing they never get to see their hen, so it had to be something else, but well…as a full time working man you can’t see everything what is happening on the loft. But yes…one thing, it stroke me that the last days during the daily trainings, he took off by himself.
Luckily we saw him arriving home…together with 2 other pigeons…he raced as the middle one and went without interruption to the shelf. He made a nice half turn before the releasing ‘beep’ from the electronic system was heard.  “Golden Palace” raced the 656km at an average speed of 1,167.82 m/m. His arrival will be burned into my eyes for ever.’

Ingrid and Jean-Pierre…from the entire Herbots team a big congratulations !



Stefan Mertens

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