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Heer, a sub municipality of Hastière in the Province of Namur. It is just Belgian ground as only one kilometre further we are in our neighbour country France. Here we can find our national winner Marseille Andre & Alex Derycke. Their 2-year old widow cock 1162370/2016 is a beautiful grey cock who wins the 1st National against 2,434 old birds, on the international level he makes it to a 5th place against 9,383 birds in total.

As their location is not profitable for other long distance races, Andre always chooses to race the Rhone Valley races. For them nearly the only option due to their location. And he was right as it gave him the national victory.

On Valence he scored already well with 6 prizes out of 11 pigeons provincial on Montélimar, the year birds also competed and they won 11 prizes with no less than 5 pigeons within the top 100 national. So the coming talent on the loft might be even better and the chance exists that we have to visit them next year again.

The last Rhone race of this year for the old birds took care of the cherry on the cake, 1st and 54th national and 5 old out of the 11 prize again.

That the winner has true winners blood is a fact, last year he already was the 1st as a year bird from this colony and won the 4th Interprovincial against 767 year birds. He is really made for this kind of work. His father is a half-brother of the 1st National Perigeux and the mother is a full sister of the 1st National Orange against 4,862 pigeons that was won here in this neighbourhood in 2011.

Pigeon fanciers around here reinforce themselves like this, by taking in pigeons that race top in this region.

Simple system widow cocks

During the winter period the boxes are being closed and they stay on the chapels in front of their boxes. When it is the 15th of February they all get their hen to raise one youngster. That youngster will be given away as a voucher to support the local clubs. After the breeding period the pigeons come out as it is not possible to train them in Winter due to the birds of prey. In the beginning they train once a day but towards the long distance races the rhythm is being increased and train twice a day.

No hens before the race

I mainly focus on Valence, Montélimar and Marseille. That’s why the cocks never get to see their hen or nest dish before the race. Also at the first 5 preparing races they don’t get to see their hen after the race. Only from the moment they go to the middle distance races they get to see their hen for 3 hours. When the 1st long distance race is raced they can stay together until the next morning.

The year birds mostly race Montélimar and Narbonne to get the necessary experience.

Winner Marseille

1162370/2016 Grey cock
1 Nat             Marseille      2,434b
5 I.Nat                                   9,383b
4 I.Prov         Montelimar    767b

Father 8031972/2008 Red
½ brother 1 Nat Perigeux Defeu – Pipeau

Mother 2342379/2014 Grey
Direct J-C Hotton
Full sister 1 Nat National Orange 4,862b ‘11

Gr.F. DV05671-11-06
Gr.M. 8020799/2007 Jacobs x Hotton F
           Daughter to “Zus 1 I.Prov Limoges”
           Granddaughter to “417/07” 282 Nat La Souterraine 16,297b and 373 Nat
           Bourges 48,553b


In a matter of feeding I only use the Mariman mixtures, in the beginning it is a light mixture and later on towards the long distance races this will become Mariman Super M 50/50. For the medical guidance I always go for a visit to Raf Herbots in Velm before the season starts and only at his advice something will be given. This year hardly anything was done as the results were good and you just don’t interfere when it’s good !

Andre & Alex, a big congratulation with this beautiful victory from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

1162370/2016 Grey Cock

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