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16 Jul
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The international race Marseille that normally took place on Friday was being replaced on Thursday due to the bad weather predictions for the day after. It became a very hard race and the first pigeons only got 1,000 m/m. The international winner already clocked at 20h40 just across the border of Belgium in the Netherlands. The Combination De Bresser in the Limburg town Berg en Terblijt where father and son Hans & Roy race the pigeons together. Their 2-year old cock left all 9,383 pigeons behind and made history by winning one of the hardest Marseille races until now.

They only started racing on the one day long distance and ZLU races since 2013. Their loft set up isn’t that big with a small loft of 6 x 2 metres for the racing pigeons and at the top of the house they reside the breeders.

The luck that they could show themselves this quickly on these races is thanks to their friend Math Duijkers from Eijsden. This man was about to say goodbye to pigeon sport and had the ‘golden’ blood of Antoon & Luci Vanderwegen on his loft. We all know what these pigeons are capable of and also on this loft they show that again.

But the Marseille race can be considered as the favourite race over here. The father of this winner won the 89th National Marseille last year, normally he would have raced Marseille this year again but he got home injured from Agen. Now he is at the end of his career as his son has set this result and can move to the breeding loft. But the real ‘patron’ of this colony is the “NL 12-1881572” ‘D’Artagnan’. He won 11 + 129 + 250 National Marseille and 85 + 401 + 553 National Agen and this in the period 2014-2016. He belonged to the best Agen racers in Holland over 3 years. He is a full inbred to “Turbo” 1st National Pau from A & L Van der Wegen. Also this crack is on the breeding loft and is the new standard bearer of this colony.

Best results 2014-2018

3 Nat Ace bird Marseille Netherlands ’14-‘16
7 Nat Ace bird Marseille Netherlands ’13-‘16
7 Nat Ace bird Agen ’14-‘16
3         Nat     Agen              year birds
11       Nat     Marseille       old birds
46       Nat     Agen              year birds
85       Nat     Agen              old
87       Nat     Agen              old
89       Nat     Marseille       old

Racing team for the first time on total widowhood

They used to race only the cocks, but father Hans wanted to test the hens as well and not just move the hens to breeding loft. That’s why they were being coupled half of March and could raise a couple of youngsters. When the youngster were 14 days old the hen was taken away together with one youngster and the other youngster stayed with the cock. After this the widowhood could start off.

The pigeons train daily once a day until they raced Issoudun. After this race the cocks get out twice a day and the hens always only once a day in the evening.

At basketing they always get to see each other for two hours, when they go for a ZLU race it is mostly only about 10 minutes and then the cocks are taken away. I drive them for about 5 to 7 km so they can sprint home. This is how they get the right speed again and can come together again for a while.

When they get home I always leave them together for a few hours, as from the harder races mostly until the next morning. Now after Marseille, I will leave them together until the Monday of basketing for Narbonne.

NL 16-1750902 ‘Franciscus’ Blue Cock

Father NL 15-1075760 ‘Le Marazin’
Won 89 Nat Marseille ‘17

Gr.F. NL 12-1881572 D’Artagnan
          3 Nat Ace bird Marseille Netherlands ’14-‘16
            7 Nat Ace bird Marseille Netherlands ’13-‘16
            7 Nat Ace bird Agen ’14-‘16
           Won 11 + 129 + 250 National Marseille en 85 + 401 + 553 National
           Son to  “NL 952/03” Grandson ‘Turbo 1’ Nat Pau ’98 x “NL 871/03”
           Granddaughter ‘Turbo 1’ Nat Pau ’98 A & L Van der Wegen
Gr.M. NL 13-1488295” Daughter ‘Deur “95”
            Brother to “NL 289/13” 3 Nat Agen
            Daughter to “NL 095/09” Deur 95 Duijkers – Offermans x “NL 574/11”
            100% A & L Van der Wegen

Mother NL 15-1075737 Blue

Gr.F. NL 14-1300295 Son  ‘Deur “95”
            Son to “NL 289/13” 3 Nat Agen
            Daughter to “NL 095/09” Deur 95 Duijkers – Offermans x “NL 574/11”
            100% A & L Van der Wegen
Gr.M. NL 14-1300282 Dark Blue
           Daughter to “NL 294/13” Blue x “NL 574/12” Granddaughter ‘Euro’
            A & L Van der Wegen


The entire year true we make use of the Mariman mixtures. In the beginning this is Moulting & Breed until Limoges / Issoudun. After that more and more sports mixture is being added and the mixture gets heavier towards the day of basketing. For a medical advice we always visit Henk de Weerd and make sometimes use of B.S. at homecoming to disinfect them. Before the racing season we purified them against everything and didn’t have to give hardly anything until now. As supplements we make use of the Röhnfried products during the week like f.e. Hexenbier, Usnegano to especially work with natural products.  

Hans & Roy, a big congratulations with this nice victory from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

NL 16-1750902 Franciscus Blue Cock

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