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Distance: 723km
Velocity: 1222,66 m/m

Tubeke: The season 2018 will definitely be categorized as one of the hardest over the past few years. Also the past WE it was again very hot with a harassing North-Western wind. The Libourne racers experienced it and especially the year birds shall need a few extra days to recuperate from their hard labour.
National winner Libourne year birds is the nice blue white pin cock from Eric Cnudde from Tubeke. For a distance of 723km he clocked at 16h53min and 59 sec, good for an average speed of 1,222.66 m/m. He has beaten the year birds from Clicque Gino (1,210.07 m/m) and Bascourt Nicolas (1,191.73 m/m)


Eric used to form a combination together with his father Leon and won in 1992 Bourges national young birds, in other words, Eric knows how a national victory tastes. And for your information…many years ago, in 1963, his father Leon already won Angoulème national.
And now…on Libourne national…it is son Eric that can call himself again national primus “such a waste that my father passed away 2 months ago” is how Eric starts to tell his story “I would have liked to experience this moment together with him”.


“I race from this address in Tubeke since 4 years. The goal is to shine on the greater middle distance races and long distance races and look I can already put down a national victory on my palmaris. Before my new start I invested in pigeons from Leutenez Eddy (Kruishoutem), Leutenez Marnix (Kruishoutem), Vermassen David (Gavere), Pippers Yvon (Doornik) and Thibaut-Boons (Sombreffe). Recently I also bought original Saeytijdt Paul & Sven (Brakel) pigeons, but about these last investments nothing much is to say yet as this is too recent.
I choose the total widowhood and have 25 couples of racing pigeons for this. Both the breeders as the racers were being coupled end of November and could race a couple of youngsters. As all my pigeons were coupled at the same date I got the possibility to replace the eggs from my breeders to my racers, so the breeders can start faster on their second round. The racing hens are being separated so they can’t have a second lay and are being placed into the aviaries until the beginning of March. Before the youngsters move to the youngsters loft they remain for a few extra days with the cocks. Before the start of the racing season, beginning of March, the cocks and hens come together one more time and can breed for 5 days.“
During the season the hens reside in specially build hens department and the cocks on a department with boxes. They all train once a day and as I have to go out working early, this is mostly in the evening as from 17h. At basketing for a race the cocks and hens can come together for a short period of time and after a race they can always stay together for a minimum of two hours and maximum until the day after.
In a matter of medical care I don’t leave anything to the coincidence and you can find me every 3 weeks in waiting area of vet Dirk Moens. On his advice I cure or I don’t cure. This year I didn’t cure against head diseases yet and against trichomoniases only individually. I do give them the known yellow drops in the beak.
In a matter of feeding I trust on the mixtures of Versele-Laga. At home coming there is a good sports mixture on the menu, later this is being mixed with Super Diet and the last few days before basketing also Energy Plus is being added to the sport mixture.


The star of the day was off course the national winner 1082342-17. He is an average blue white pin cock, a true fighter in your hand. Eric: “ I don’t know what happened on the loft, but he has been very nervous the entire week. Also at basketing he was hard to handle. Apparently there is something that makes him nervous, as normally he is much calmer.”

Before his national victory “B17-1082342” won underneath prizes:

6 Ecouen 113b.
33 Bourges 600b.
34 Pont 329b.
22 Pont 546b. (191km)
58 Vierzon 470b. (413km)
127 Chateauroux 495b. (466km)
161 Toury 701b. (161km)
335 Nat (z) Limoges 2,510b. (621km)
1 National Libourne 23,893 year birds (732km)

The father of the national winner is “B15-1154695”… a direct Thibaut-Boons cock. Here we can find the known Deno-Herbots (strain “Blauwe Bliksem” x “Violetta”) and Pros Roosen pigeons (strain “Oude Pros”).
The mother of the national winner is “B15-1036612” original Pipers Yvan (Doornik). Breeding lines Murez-Marichal and De Smeijter-Restiaen

Eric…again a big congratulations from the entire Herbots team and we would like to wish a lot of success in the coming years. 


Stefan Mertens

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