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FASTEST OF 6,025b.

Distance: 736km
Velocity: 1229,48 m/m

Fronville: Honestly, I had never heard of the village Fronville but when I called Jean-Philippe he made clear that I had to be in the neighbourhood of the more known Hotton. Luckily we have GPS-systems and arrived on time and save in Fronville (province of Luxembourg).
Jean-Philippe lives in a farmstead and used to be a horse fancier. The name tag ‘Ecurie’ is still above the front door of the immense stable. ‘Jolie Darco’ was latterly the parade horse…a top name in the international horse world ! Nevertheless, Jean-Philippe got an accident and had to say goodbye to the horse sport. After the necessary revalidation he decided to rebuilt the horse boxes into pigeon lofts. Jean-¨Philippe tells: “due to my accident I can’t do everything as smooth anymore and that’s why I’m very glad that I can count on the help of Jean-Marie Dumont. He knows the pigeons true and true and knows perfectly how to prepare them for a top result. Without him we couldn’t speak here about pigeon sport.”


Jean-Philippe and Jean-Marie tell: “In 2000 I filled out my first loft list and I started off with pigeons of local champions. No well-known names but fanciers that have the quality needed. Out of fear to forget anybody I won’t tell you any names.
We started of the season with an extended racing team of 30 old cocks, 40/45 year bird cocks and 40/45 year bird hens. The old cocks are being raced on the classic widowhood. The others are from the beginning on raced on total widowhood and as from the second part of the season on nest position. 
As preparation all pigeons bred early. Could race a couple of youngsters and before the hen could lay a second time everything was being separated. The first races are being done as calm as possible, meaning….cocks and hens only see each other shortly after a race. As from the middle distance races they are being motivated a bit more with the goal make top results on the greater middle distance, long distance and extreme long distance.
In a matter of care you won’t discover any big secrets here. The mixtures come from “Colombi” and we follow the 3-stages system. Concrete it means first a recuperation mixture, then a light mixture and last a fat rich mixture. With the exception of electrolytes we hardly give any side products.
Medically we check all pigeons ourselves for trichomoniases with our own microscope. When we see something they are being treated with Spartrix and when we hesitate we contact vet Schroëder. Against ornithoses we only cured at the beginning of the season.
We breed youngsters the entire year true, this is necessary as we know many losses due to the bird of prey. The youngsters from the first round race at least one national race, the others do as many short distance races as possible.. “


The national winner (B16-1176374) is a marvellous blue hen. Average built, well feathered and a super strong pigmented eye in her character full head. She won her national victory on nest position. On the day of basketing she was on 10 day breeding. On Montélimar she was basketed the same way but failed and left her eggs be. She came back on to nest position and now it was bingo.

2016 wasn’t raced



2/4 Sugny L 47/176

8/4 Dizy L 12/36 BMR 33/192 Gr 80/453

1/5 Dizy L 50/154 BMR 83/257 Gr 188/562

13/5 Trelou L 2/133 BMR 3/286 Gr 64/778

20/5 Sézanne L 6/101 BMR 14/233 Gr 49/702

27/5 Sourdun L 1/95 BMR 6/183 Gr 64/526

4/6 Bourges L 26/115 Gr 31/134 AWC 1203/3799 Région Wallonne 1134/3554

10/6 Châteauroux L 62/235 Gr 87/339 Ind 159/766 Lg Hesb 211/1460 ND 443/2377 NM 370/2117 CFW 1305/4947 Nat Z 280/1918

17/6 Trelou L 24/101 BMR 66/260 Gr 216/782

24/6 Argenton L 74/274 Gr 84/377 Ind 169/737 Lg Hesb 171/1119 ND 242/2251 NM 171/2009 CFW 774/4614 Nat Z 235/1563 Nat 2710/22649

2/7 Sourdun L 12/84 BMR 32/185 Gr 135/544

8/7 Dizy L 28/105

15/7 Trelou L 4/144 BMR 4/260 Gr 4/684

22/7 Argenton L 12/85 féd 62/202 Gr 72/251 Lg Hesb 122/724 ND 183/1254 NM 128/1108 CFW 531/2535 Nat Z 108/840 Nat 1712/11503

29/7 Sézanne L 19/59 BMR 28/160 Gr 68/405

12/8 Sens L 2/13 BMR 2/70 Gr 3/173

19/8 Trelou L 8/26 BMR 9/56 Gr 32/150

26/8 Sourdun L 8/26 BMR 8/50 Gr 23/146

23/9 Dizy L 1/15 BMR 8/53 Gr 8/65



14/4 Reims L 1/95 BM 7/219 Gr 9/253

19/5 Maçon L 8/148 LNL 47/1452 ND 70/2404 NM 69/2312 CFW 88/3278 Centre-Est 104/4894

9/6 Valence Central 10/274 Régional 13/347 Ind 20/603 ND 156/2542 NM 154/2489 CFW 200/3730 OBRAFO Z 8/306 OBRAFO 18/564

        NAT Z 69/1967 NAT 312/7682

30/6 Montélimar missed

21/7 NAT 1/3440 and fastest against all 6n025 Libourne racers !


The shape is clearly still present on the lofts in Fronville as next to the 1st national Libourne they also clocked the 4th national Libourne year birds (B17-1163588), 10th National Libourne old (BB15-1175551) and 21st National Libourne year birds (B17-1163561)


Jean-Philippe and Jean-Marie…from the entire Herbots team a big congratulation. 


B16-1176374 : 1st NATIONAL LIBOURNE 3,440 OLD BIRDS
FASTEST OF 6,025b.

Stefan Mertens

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