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Distance: 608km

Velocity; 1124.30 m/m

Moeskroen: It is hard to say but many categorize Jarnac as one of the hardest long distance race of the current season 2018. Released at 07h00 all Jarnac racers went off for a race above the 600km with a N.E. wind and temperatures that went easily above the 30 degrees. Winner in the category old birds and also the fastest against all 10,200 Jarnac racers became the blue cock from Dufermont Michel out Moeskroen. Michel his loft is just at the border with France and it can’t be otherwise then they train more than once over the country border. That Michel lives closely to the French border is something we could experience as when we visited Michel, France just had won the world cup and was being celebrated big time at that moment.


Health is everything….and unfortunately it isn’t going very well with the health of Michel. With a puffer in his hand he guides us to the pigeon loft and while he is opening the loft door he apologizes  that it has been a while now that he got the chance to clean his loft. ‘I can hardly take a pigeon’, is how his story starts off ‘I’ve been very lucky that I could count onto the support of my friend Capart Pascal, without him I would have stopped racing pigeons end of 2017. Luckily he could convince me to continue for one more year as what I’m experiencing now is so unique and makes me forget my health a bit !


Primus on Jarnac is blue cock B16-1013290. He raced this journey of 608km at an average speed of 1,124.30 m/m. He beats with a small lead the pigeons from Vandenheede Freddy and Jacques (1,111.89 m/m) and Pollin Marc and Geert (1,111.02 m/m). The national winner is off average type, strong back and when we took him in our hands we felt a bit ‘light’ due to his 9 hour trip home. Michel tells: ’I’m so glad that I could see him coming home. I sat on my bench in the shade and saw him coming storming in from very far. Out of the perfect direction and went in the loft as a lighting. My national winner lives together with 5 other widow cocks on a department with 8 boxes. He is in a box at the bottom left and the box next to him happened to be empty. To motivate him extra I left him the last 3 days before basketing for Jarnac during one hour in the empty box. Apparently he must have found his motivation out of this to push himself to the extreme. Oh yes, on the day of basketing I only gave my winner to see his nest dish. The hen is only being showed at home coming. 

Before his national victory "De Jarnac" won:

6 Bourges 615b.
40 Chateauroux 831b.

12 Bourges 298b.
67 Chateauroux 284b.
4 Argenton 150b.
1st Nat. Jarnac


Michel continues: “due to my health I’m not capable anymore to take care of everything in perfection, but I do my utmost best to guide the pigeons as well as possible. I’ve been feeding the Van Robayes mixtures since years now. A good sports mixture during the season and during the rest of the year they get a moulting mixture with some small corn on the menu. During the season I like to give a bit extra sunflower seeds and I won’t forget to give them more than once a week brewers’ yeast, Naturaline, vitamins, electrolytes and apple vinegar. I don’t have a fixed schedule but work a bit on intuition.

Michel…congratulations from the entire Herbots team and please do enjoy your national victory.

B16-1013290 : 1st NATIONAL JARNAC 5,301 OLD BIRDS - FASTEST OF 10,200b.


Stefan Mertens

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