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Decendre Guillaume

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FASTEST OF 45,427b.

To be able to admire the fastest pigeon out of Chateauroux, we needed to drive towards Châtelet and mores specific to Rue De Namur n° 247. That’s where Guillaume Decendre lives and where his “Diamond” (B17-1071253) gave his business card last weekend by winning against all the 45,131 Chateauroux racers. With an average speed of no less then 2,133.09 m/m he already arrived home 3 hours after the release and this for a distance of 449km. Guillaume himself didn’t see the arrival, even more…he wasn’t even at home. Luckily his daughter Stacy saw that a pigeon landed on the sputnik and when Guillaume came home it was a rush to be able to clock in time.
Guillaume (45y.) used to be a professional motorbike rider but since a while he is taking it a bit slower. He did give his ‘motorbike microbe’ to his son who already managed to set the necessary top results. As a young lad Guillaume got his first pigeons. At the beginning it were some tumblers and later on racing pigeons but due to the motorcycling pigeon sport was being forgotten totally. Since about 5 years the love for pigeon racing grew again and despite his young career he can already show some nice results such as f.e. 4th National Jarnac, 8th National Cahors and now 1st National Chateauroux.
Base of the colony was being formed with original pigeons from Etienne Devos (Deerlijk), Roger Vereecke (Deerlijk), Guy Baerts (Grazen) and Chris Hebberecht (Evergem). In 2014 Guy Wauthier out of Mont-sur-Marchienne won the 1st National Jarnac against 3,734 year birds and the parents of this national winner came to Châtelet. They became the grandparents of the national winner ‘Diamond’ on Chateauroux.

Guillaume started of the season with a group of 20 cocks and 20 hens on total widowhood. End of November they were being coupled, could raise a couple of youngsters and after the divorce the widowhood was a fact. There wasn’t a second coupling before the racing season started. At basketing the cocks and hens can come together for about 20 minutes and at the basketing for Chateauroux Guillaume took care of some extra motivation by putting straw on the floor of the loft.
In a matter of care there isn’t anything left to the coincidence. This is how he gives side products from several different commercial brands and in a medical way he visited Dr. Henk De Weerdt a few weeks ago. He advised to cure with B.S. for 2 days and then 4 days with ‘Witte Neuzen’ (White Noses). Guillaume saw that the condition of the pigeons went up after this treatment.
Guillaume works with barley (from Natural) as food. Barley doesn’t only have a purifying effect but is also a standard to not to feed too much. ‘Believe it or not’ explains Guillaume ‘but I found my pigeons a bit too fat before the race of Chateauroux and that’s why I added a lot of barley to the food the last days before basketing.’

National winner is “Diamond”, a beautiful chequered cock. Well-muscled, very strong back and ventbones where you couldn’t even put a pin in between. Remarkable at the clean widowers’ loft is that the pigeons are very calm and that in between the widow cocks you could already find some young cocks from 2019 with their own box. They are already being prepared for their career as a widow cock.
Chateauroux will make the history books as the fastest national race ever but pigeons that set strong results with the wind in their back also have their qualities. What did Ad Schaerlaeckens wrote once in one of his blogs: ‘I once wrote that pigeons that win with tailwind are most of the time the better once as they possess the most important quality that a pigeon need namely the ability to orientate. Some didn’t take this seriously but they know better by now and let me know that their ‘good ones’ won first prizes with strong wind’.

Guillaume…congratulation from the entire Herbots team with your first national victory !

FASTEST OF 45,427b.

Stefan Mertens

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