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16 Aug
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We know for several years now what the hens at Gaston Vandewouwer can do ! Now on Chateauroux he crowns his top season with the old and yearling birds with a national victory, the 6023127/2016 is a real classful hen that already raced super as a youngster and in fact already deserved her spot on the breeding loft back then. But Gaston likes to race with the good once otherwise you can’t win and he’s right. So she could win for him in 2017 and 2018 some more early prizes and then now the 1st National Chateauroux against 2,855 old birds. This was her 4th early prize this year on the greater middle distance which makes her the 4th national ace bird GMD old birds KBDB 2018, during my visit Gaston told me that she will move to the breeding loft now !

It almost became a double win as with the young birds he clocked one 3 minutes before this old bird but she has to be satisfied with the 2nd National against 18,289 young birds. We are used to the stunts in Berlaar but now this is a stunt again on the highest level possible. Off course the best blood is running through the veins of these two top hens namely from “Kaasboer”, “Barbara” , “Kim”, … the pigeons that made furore a few years ago do it again !

What about the old hens ?

These were being coupled during the winter period together with the breeders. They raised the youngsters of the breeders and when the youngsters were about 20 days old they moved to the bottom of the breeding loft and the cocks were removed. The hens raised all of them and didn’t have a second lay. During this first coupling they trained every afternoon from the day when the breeding started and trained very well. Then the hens moved to the aviaries until the 15th of March. Gaston coupled them again and left them breeding for another 5 days.

During the season itself they are in the resting loft and come in their after training during the week. They only come on the breeding loft at home coming after a race. When they are on widowhood they always train once a day between 18 and 19h in the evening. As their motivation he always took them of the resting loft like that and placed them in baskets, he placed 2 cocks on the loft and left the hens watch this during a few minutes.

They raced a lot this season and even went along onto the very hard Gueret. After the last race out of Chateauroux he coupled them and now on this Chateauroux they were breeding for about 15 to 16 days. The goal is that they race Le Mans and Argenton and that the season will be finished after these two last races.

The young pigeons coupled to old partners

The young birds have another system, the youngsters stay together for a while after weening but from the moment they start to pair up they will be separated. They were being darkened until the 12th of June and after that I started to enlighten them rather fast from 5am to 5.30 in the morning until 22h30-23h00 in the evening and this until the end of the season.

They race Queivrain and from then on I let them pair up with old cocks. Whether this runs smoothly? No, not at all, it sometimes takes 14 days or even longer before all hens are paired up. Most of the time I leave 2 cocks on the loft and lock up the others, when a hen flies into a box, I’ll write down the last three numbers and then this couple is ‘married’. I put in a lot of energy like this and sometimes I leave them together during two days so they are being paired up really well and they get their food and drink in the box.

Before basketing I let them come together and lock them up for about 15 to 30 minutes in their box. After the race they can recover a bit before I leave them together again. This is how they stay together as from the national races until the morning after.

The young hens train in the morning when I wake up from 8h15-8h30 and afterwards the young cocks can train. I feed the youngsters a bit too much in the evening so they can eat the rest in the morning. I think it is important that a pigeon can eat before they train.


I use during the season the Galaxy mixtures from Beyers and I give them a lot of peanuts. Both at coming in from a training until the last day at basketing they get extra fats. I also use Condition Powder, Vitaminerals and Condition Syrup from Ferdinand Marien and they also get Belgasol from Belgica-De Weerd on the day of basketing and one or two days after homecoming.

Before and after the racing season I go for a check-up at Henk de Weerd in Breda but during the season itself I go monthly for a check-up to Ferdinand Marien. Until now they didn’t get a loft, the old birds got a ¼ Flagyl in Spring and the youngsters got this end of April. I only suffered a bit with eye problems with the youngster and had to give them something during 6 days and that’s it. When they come good I rather leave them be and right he is.

6023127/2016 Blue white pin hen

    1 NAT Chateauroux        2.858b
    1        Chevrainvilliers       154b
    2        Noyon                     315b
    4 NAT La Souterraine   16.613b
    4 Prov Gueret                   458b
    7 Prov Vierzon               1.889b
    9         Ecouen                  588b
  21 Prov Argenton            1.535b
  21 Prov Bourges                635b
  26 Prov Chateauroux      2.373b
338 NAT  Bourges           28.078b
459 NAT  Chateauroux    14.762b

Father 6072376/2014 Son Kamiel

Gr.F. 6111599/2009 ‘Kamiel’
          ½ brother “Laura” 1 Nat Bourges
          Son to “690/98” Kaasboer x “169/08” ‘Erna’ L-B-J Geerinckx is mother “Laura”
Gr.M. 2076149/2011 Granddaughter ‘Bliksem’ ( Hennis Kristiaan )
            Daughter to “552/09” Zoon Blauwe Bliksem Deno – Herbots
            x “565/05” Daughter ‘Bliksem’ Gaby Vandenabeele

Mother 6072406/2014 Daughter ‘Kristin’

Gr.V. 6023340/2012 Son Barbara
          Son to “742/10” Chequered Dirk Van Dijck x “886/09” ‘Barbara’
          wonder racing hen
Gr.M. 6031858/2010 ‘Kristin’
            Daughter to “690/98” Kaasboer x “341/04”’ Greetje’ Granddaughter Kaasboer

6063796/2018 Blue hen

Father 6072307/2014 Son Marieke

Gr.F. 6023210/2012 ‘Selleke’ – Son Barbara
          Son to “742/10” Chequered Dirk Van Dijck x “886/09” ‘Barbara’ wonder racing hen
Gr.M. 6111546/2009 ‘Marieke’
            Sister “Kim” 1 Nat Gueret
            Daughter to “240/03” ‘Torre’ Son Kaasboer x “734/06” ‘Celien’

Mother 6072399/2014 Daughter Dina

Gr.F. 6033105/2007 ‘Jan’
          Son to “099/01” Blue son Kaasboer x “145/02” Dark Chequered
Gr.M. 6031731/2010 ‘Dina ‘
            Sister “Kim” 1 Nat Gueret
            Daughter to “240/03” ‘Torre’ Son Kaasboer x “734/06” ‘Celien’

Gaston & Kurt, a big congratulation with this marvellous victory from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

6023127/2016 Blue white flight Hen

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6063796/2018 Blue Hen

6063796-2018 hand logo6063796-2018 kop logo6063796-2018 vleugel logoped 6063796-2018 logo

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Buelens Kim

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