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16 Aug
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The fastest pigeon from Chateauroux was to be found in the Antwerp town Oud-Turnhout at the top colony from Bart & Nance Van Oeckel. They didn’t only win the 1st National year birds against 4,631b with 6057266/2017 ‘Lady Gaston’ but this classful hen was also the fastest of them all and leaves 24,783 pigeons behind. Especially this time of year when all the youngsters are in top form not an easy task to beat them all. And she is also a direct daughter out of their super breeder ‘Gaston Jr’ who is also the father of their 3rd arrived pigeon. They don’t only win 1st National but 3 x TOP 10 National and 11 x TOP 100 National on Chateauroux ! Top class and with this win they have their 4th National victory and 19th Provincial victory on their account. A few years ago they won with their super racer – breeder ‘F16’ 1st National La Souterraine old birds and was also the fastest of the entire pack, a few years later history repeats itself here at the Van Oeckel loft. 

Chateauroux Nat 4,631 year birds : 1,18,42,46,47,57,86,…
Chateauroux Nat 2,855 old birds : 6,9,65,87,
Chateauroux Nat 18,289 young birds : 44 ( only 2 basketed )

Chaos system for the old birds and year birds

On the impressive loft they have 2 x 24m racing loft which are divided in lofts of 8m (2,5m resting loft for the cocks, 2,5m resting loft for the hens and a motivation loft of 3m). The left part of the loft is the home of the greater middle distance pigeons and the righthand part is the home of the long distance pigeons.

The pigeons are being raced on total widowhood and in a chaos system, during the winter period all racing pigeons are divided. They were being coupled on the 15th of January and were left together during 6 weeks, the year birds needed some time to get used to it and we had to wait for a while before the first eggs were there. When he separated them after 6 weeks there were couples with small youngsters but also couples who were only breeding for a few days, but that isn’t a problem as long as there is a part that is been paired up. During the season more and more couples will follow. .

After the separation I start to bring the base condition in and they race their first short distance races in the month of April with the goal to have them on the middle distance races by the beginning of May. I train them once a day and afterwards this is being increased towards twice a day for 1,5hours when the nationals are in sight. After that they really have enough training in their wings and I will bring trainings back to once a day.

Normally when a few races been done, I take out the bad once and make sure that new couples are being formed as this gives a boost in their motivation but I didn’t do that this year.

In a matter of motivation when they are on widowhood there isn’t any fixed rule and nothing is done by the clock, no week is the same as the other. When they had an easy race and have good results they can stay together longer as on the heavy races. Then they can’t get together immediately and I leave them together on Sunday or Tuesday when they are recovered.

But one season isn’t the other and due to the heavy races and Eastern wind I had to make choices. So I didn’t give them that much races in that period and choose for it not to focus on the long distance races with the long distance team but decided to couple them beginning of July. The goal off course was Bourges and Chateauroux and hope that we could hit the head of the race on a national level. Then it is a real kick when the national winner is a member of the long distance team and would normally never race Chateauroux.

But according to Bart, “I didn’t win a lot of prizes this year, but when it is possible I try to be there”, and yes, this is also an art to peak at the right time !

So the long distance team was being coupled around the 10th of July and raced Bourges and Chateauroux. Now they will race Le Mans and will get smaller youngsters when they get home and have to go to Argenton one more time. The team of the greater middle distance was being coupled around the 20th of July and will only get smaller youngsters after Argenton so they can go the last national race out of Chateauroux.

Feeding and guidance

Bart makes use of the Beyers mixtures Galaxy Light, Galaxy Energy and Diet, the schedule that he follows depends on the weather, the scheduled race and so on, also here nothing the same ever. They get also a lot of peanuts. In a matter of side products they make use of the Herbovet gamma, Herbots products and minerals from Dr. Marien. At homecoming they get Herbots Recovery and Herbosol, on Monday Herbo Elite Pigeon, Optimix and brewers’ yeast. Every Tuesday also ‘Yellow Drops’ are being given. Sometimes they get five days in a row Herbobeets in the drinking water. Medical advice is being given by Raf Herbots.


6057266/2017 ‘Lady Gaston Jr.’ Chequered hen

1         NAT    Chateauroux             4.631b
1         Fastest                              24.78b
19       NAT(z)Argenton                  4.781b
50       Prov   Bourges                     1.509b

Father 6031121/2008 ‘Gaston Jr’
Won  1 prov Salbris

Diamond-Loft-brochure-2017-Gaston Jr (2)

Gr.F. 6034891/2006 ‘Gastonnetje’ – Gaston Vandewouwer
          Son to “231/03” Blue x “209/03” Blue
Gr.M. 6330844/2002 ‘Super Kleintje’ Jef De Houwer

Mother 6126059/2011 Gucci
Gr.Mother to “246/16” 6 Nat Chateauroux 2,858b

Gr.F. 6398151/2007 ‘Schone Kris’ Kris Cleirbaut
          Son to “068/06” Broer Lady 1 x “469/04” Daughter Princes
Gr.M. 6217616/2005 ‘Miss Turbo’ – 3 x 1st Ace bird
           Daughter to “583/02” Blue x “NL 541/03” Blue Ad Schaerlaeckens

6056246/2016 Blue Hen

    6   NAT    Chateauroux        2.858b
    7   Prov    Blois                        452b
  14             Chevrainvilliers      1.660b
114    S.Nat  Vierzon                4.854b

Father 6107016/2009 ‘F16’
Won 1 Nat La Souterraine – 5 Nat Bourges – 10 Nat La Souterraine

Gr.F. 6054296/2005  ‘Zwarte Diamant’ L-B-J Geerinckx
          Zoon van “311/96” Blauwe Ijzeren x “305/96” Light chequered ace
Gr.M. 6330844/2002 ‘Super Kleintje’ Jef De Houwer

Mother 6059094/2015 Blue – Granddaughter ‘F16’
Won 2 I.Prov Chateauroux 649b ( 85 Nat 10,422b )

Gr.F. 6318219/2012 ‘Amaretto F 16’
          Son to  “061/09” F 16 x “343/09” ‘Rosanna’ Leo Heremans
Gr.M. 6126059/2011 Gucci
           Mother to  “266/17” ‘Lady Gaston Jr’ 1 Nat Chateauroux 4,631b
           Daughter to “151/07” ‘Schone Kris’ Kris Cleirbaut x “616/05” ‘Miss Turbo’
           3 x 1st Ace bird

6056432/2016 Checquered cock

    9    NAT    Chateauroux             2.858b
    6    Prov    Jarnac                          517b
  15    Nat (z)                                 1.206b
  31    Prov    Vierzon                     1.889b
274    NAT    Chateauroux           14.955b
487    NAT    Argenton                22.712b

Father 6031121/2008 ‘Gaston Jr’
Won 1 prov Salbris

Gr.F. 6034891/2006 ‘Gastonnetje’ – Gaston Vandewouwer
          Son to “231/03” Blue x “209/03” Blue
Gr.M. 6330844/2002 ‘Super Kleintje’ Jef De Houwer

Mother 3031193/2014 Sister ‘Mr.Libourne’ ( Wilfried Vandemaele )
Sister 2 I.Nat St.Vincent

Gr.F. 3002012/2006 Brother Bonte
           Son to “380/04” Son Bourges x “613/03” Bonte Sierens
Gr.M. 4361032/2007 Black Chris Hebberecht
           Daughter to “676/01” Brother Champion x “339/05” Daughter Gentleman

Bart & Nance, a big congratulation with this super result from the ENTIRE HERBOTS TEAM.

6057266/2017 Lady Gaston Jr. Chequered Hen
Daughter Superbreeder “Gaston Jr”

6057266-2017 logo6057266-2017 kop logo6057266-2017 vleugel logoped 6057266-2017 LOGO

6056246/2016 Blue Hen
6 NAT Chateauroux 2.858 old birds
Direct daughter of superbreeder “F16”

6056246-2016 logo6056246-2016 vleugel logoped 6056246-2016 logo

6056432/2016 Chequered Cock
9 NAT Chateauroux 2.858 old birds
Son of superbreeder “Gaston Jr”

6056432-2016 logo6056432-2016 vleugel logoped 6056432-2016 logo

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