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Kessel is a town in the province of Antwerp and a part of the community Nijvel where a lot of top fanciers within pigeon sport went before. It all started around here with Karel Schellens via Maurits Voets to the current Willy Daniels and now on Chateauroux a new winner namely Rene Coenen. Rene races together with his brother in law Fons Van Umbeek on the small middle distance races.

Now on Chateauroux they hit the rose with their brand new star 6030649/2018, a strong chequered hen that became the fastest of all 17,269 young birds. She missed on Bourges and she came in all the way from the back but was as round as a bullet so it had to happen on Chateauroux. She wasn’t distracted anymore and raced direct to her first victory. Rene basketed 6 and clocked 5 of them, so the total result on top of this national victory was very good as well.  


The youngsters live on 3 lofts way in the back of the garden on the 1st floor. He breeds about 80 youngsters yearly and also here were the losses big just as on all other lofts. As they focus on the middle distance race they don’t darken them that long and most of the youngsters are already far in throwing pins. They want to adjust this next year and darken them longer. After a few Noyon races the youngsters were being raced on sliding doors, they raced this short distance race the most as it wasn’t possible due to the heat to go further to the middle distance races. Before basketing they could come together for one hour and then all were taken away.

The national winner didn’t pair up, she didn’t feel like having a young cock. So let’s try something else, is what Rene thought, I’ll give her an old cock in a small separate loft. She raced two national races with the known result and fell in love this time. The other young birds stay together until the evening and now the past 2 weekends even until the next day in the morning.

They train once a day and are being tossed once a week in Vilvoorde (25km), during the week they can’t come together. Only on the day of basketing and at home coming.

6030649/2018 Noa Chequered hen
1 NAT CHATEAUROUX 17,269 Young Birds

Father 6035953/2017 Kris
Co-breeding Rene Coenen x Kris Cleirbaut

Gr.F. 4129758/2016 Son ‘Kaat’ ( Direct PEC )
          Son to  “429/11” ‘Nikolaas’ 1 Nat Asduif zw.H.F. KBDB Casaert -
          Senechal x “025/15” ‘Kaat’ 1 Nat Argenton Willy Daniels
Gr.M. 6201803/2012 Daniels Hen
           Daughter to “202/10” Zoon 540 x “208/10” Granddaughter 1st Olympiad Bird Dortmund

Mother 6032442/2016 Josee (Loft Jos Vercammen )

Gr.F. 6196207/2012 ‘Super Shak’
          Won 2 Souppes 115b – 5 Noyon 392b – 6 Dourdan 1,257b – 7 Noyon  667b -
            19 Dourdan 1,843b
          Son to “312/10” ‘Aklis’ is father to 1 Nat Nevers x “293/10” Shakira
          won 2 x 1st on Bourges & Montlucon
Gr.M. 6026079/2013 ‘Amora’
            Won 1 Chalon 230b – 26 Nat (z) Chateauroux 5,070b – 53 Jarnac 2,234b
            Daughter to “408/11” ‘Cupiodo’ is father 3 Nat Gueret x “091/09” Amore
           won 84 Nat Bourges 17,138b


Their faith lays with the Versele-Laga mixtures. During the season they make use of 3 mixtures, these are the Champion I.C. , Energy Plus and Gerry Plus. At homecoming they get 100% Champion I.C.. The following two days they get Gerry Plus and on Wednesday 100% Champion I.C. . On the day of basketing it is in the morning Energy Plus that will stay until noon and 2 hours before basketing they get some more candy with super diet so they will drink plenty before going into the basket.

I try to take care of them in an optimal way and do the next, at homecoming they get electrolytes in the drinking water and milk powder over the food. The following 2 days I make use of Tarsin from Raf Herbots as a recuperation means and on Tuesdays they get Herbial over the food. On Wednesday they get their weekly vitamins and they have to do it with this. I give them every three weeks on an individual base a tricho pill and every three weeks I use alternating something against the airways. 

Rene and Fons, from the entire HERBOTS TEAM a big congratulations with this national victory.

6030649/2018 Noa Chequered Hen

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