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FASTEST OF 21,400b.

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It was the 3rd week in a row on a national race on the greater middle distance that the pigeons had to cope with heavy circumstances, head wind and very hot temperatures that took care of very tough races week after week. Only the strongest pigeons survive and the winning pigeons are time after time pigeons of the highest level. Now last Saturday they release 21,443 pigeons in Chateauroux at 6u30. You would have thought that the pigeons would give in on speed after such a hard season but nothing’s more untrue, the first pigeons nationally are this close together in the Western part of the country and the first spots are very expensive.
The fastest old pigeons is a 4-year old cock with the necessary experience, 3006179/2014 is a blue white pin cock that considers Chateauroux as his favourite race (you will notice it further in his palmares). He was clocked a bit after 1 o’clock in the afternoon and was the fastest against all 8,501 old birds but also the fastest of all 21,443 pigeons in total. This top pigeon belongs to Roger Velle from the West-Flanders town Koksijde, he bought this pigeon as a youngster at Anthony Maes and is now very grateful for this. Roger is 82 years old at the moment and took care of the fruit family business after his father did and now his son Toon has taken over since a few years now.

Roger lives 2 streets away from the sea and can enjoy his pigeons and the beach. The lofts are in the garden of his daughters’ house and can enjoy the trainings from across the street from his apartment. Roger used to make good weather on the long distance races which was his passion in years ’90-’00. But when getting older the early rising isn’t what he still can do and that’s why he left the long distance game for what it is.  

Simple lofts and a simple system

The lofts are in an L-form with at one side the old and yearling racing lofts and at the other side the lofts with youngsters and breeders. The widow cocks are divided over 2 lofts (blue and chequered) and could raise a couple of youngsters during the winter period. Normally this is never been done but Roger took in a few pigeons from a friend fancier so he had to let them breed to adjust them.

After this he started off with the trainings and weren’t coupled anymore before the season. They train twice a day daily and there’s nothing special in a matter of motivation. I give them their nest dish before basketing and at home coming their hen is waiting and that’s it. They stay together until the evening and after this the peace is back on the loft.

The hens race as from the greater middle distance every fortnight, one week the blue ones and the other week the chequered ones. This is how he has a nice racing team every week to race.

This was also the case on Chateauroux where he basketed 7 old pigeons

Chateauroux Nat 8,501 old : 1,43,274,561,… 5/7

In a matter of feeding he only uses purge and sports mixture. The that they don’t race I give them 50% purge and 50% sport, and from Mondays on before the race I change onto 100% sport. The last day they get some extra candy and that’s it.

In Spring I always visit Dr. Lesage in Oostnieuwkerke for a check-up and cleared them from trichomoniases and head diseases. This is all they got until now this season.

3006179/2014 Blue white pin cock
Direct Anthony Maes
( bought at Anthony Maes with his own strain woven into it )

    1     NAT    Chateauroux              8,501b
    1     Fastest                                  21,443b
  19     NAT(z)Argenton                      735b
202     NAT                                         9,228b
  27     NAT(z)Chateauroux             1,705b
288     NAT                                       20,473b
  69     NAT(z)Chateauroux            2,474b
174     NAT                                       25,126b
124     NAT(z)Chateauroux             1,856b

Father 4269801/2006 ‘De Jan’
Won a.o 3 Ablis 422b – 3 Tours 367b – 3 Orléans 261b – 11 Tours 431b – 18 Ablis 410b – 22 Blois 1,022b

Gr.F. 4370421/2003 Blue Won 4 x 1st  
          Son to “157/01” Roger Desmet x “068/01” Georges Dehaes
Gr.M. 4343704/2004

Mother 3022653/2010 ‘Sproetje Provinciaal’

Gr.F. 3143261/2006 ‘Bonte Provinciaal’
          Won 2 Tours 421b – 4 Orléans 261b – 7 Orléans 844b – 16 Ablis 772b
          46 Bourges 2,710b – 46 Argenton 1,398b
          Son to “806/05” White whitepin ‘Superkweker’ x “238/04” ‘Sonja’
          Charles Mathijs
Gr.M. 3082026/2006 ’’t Velleke’ Roger Velle – Superk breeding hen

Roger, a big congratulation with this nice victory from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

BE14-3006179: 1st National Chateauroux old birds

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