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1 NAT ARGENTON 3,319 Old Birds

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That there was magic in the air in Herent, was something we all could see the past few weeks. The ladies at the loft of Albert Derwa came home superb and it was a good sign of being able to win another 1st national. The threesome Chateauroux – Le Mans and Argenton was a success. This national winner already received a visit from us earlier this season as 2065111/2017 Irina already won 1st Provincial Blois against 2,953 year birds. So, a real classful hen that was beaten last weekend on Le Mans by only a loft mate or she would have won 3 Provincials in one season. ‘Irena’ has the best blood possible in her veins as also her father ‘Invictus’ won 1st National Issoudun as a young bird against 16,587 young birds .

Argenton Nat 3,319 old : 1,20,102,214,238,281,…
Chateauroux Nat 2,858 old : 29,30,52,78,79,
Chateauroux Nat 4,641 year birds : 8,44,101,175,…
Le Mans Br.Unie 233 old : 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,16,19,23,… 13/15

The secret that these pigeons can race this hard in the last weeks of the season is that they still have some reserve and didn’t have to go to that many national races before and that he doesn’t race when it is not good. Albert doesn’t like to take too much risks with his pigeons as one bad race can do more harm than good. Also the youngsters have been treated with silk gloves as they only did their first middle distance race past weekend and also they got home as a train. So…very promising for next year…

Do hens have to train or not?

The system of pigeons and the aviaries from Albert are well known, they raced on widowhood until mid of July and were being coupled then. He wanted to race them on the last national races to able to hit hard and that’s what he did. Now the past three weeks they raced while breeding, a youngster of one week and so last weekend a youngster of 2 weeks old.

The first days of the week Albert left the hens to feed their youngster totally by themselves but the last 2 days the cocks could do this when the hens were out training, just not to burden the hens too much with this anymore. The cocks by the way were taken away the week before to avoid the hens to lay eggs again.

On the day of basketing he tried to motivate them even a bit more by not letting them be with their youngster for a while ! The door of the boxes stayed closed for a while so the urge to be with their youngster was even bigger. Maybe this was the trigger to win nationally…who knows ?!

2065111/2017 Irina Hen

 1 NAT           Argenton                  3,319b
  1 Br.Unie    Blois                           2,953b
  2 Br.Unie    Le Mans                       233b
  4                   Soissons                    2,008b
  4                   Chevrainvilliers           141b
  5                   Chevrainvilliers           161b
  7                   Soissons                    1,156b
  7                   Soissons                       352b
  8 NAT          Chateauroux            4,631b
  8                   Nanteuil                    1,497b
10                   Momignies                  281b
11                   Soissons                    1,421b
13                   Laon                             799b
15 S.Nat        Argenton                  3,879b
15                   Momignies               1,444b
24 Prov         Bourges                    2,374b
25 Prov         Blois                           1,012b

Father 2110100/2013 ‘Invictus’
Won 1 Nat Issoudun 16,587b

Gr.F. 2080129/2012 ‘Pablo’
          Son to top couple “Valentino” x “Paulien”
Gr.M. 2080086/2012 Granddaughter ‘De Zoon’
           Won 68 Nat La Souterrraine 19,155b, 179 Nat Montluçon 21,027b,
           244 Nat Argenton 22,463b
           Daughter to “101/11” 2 Prov Blois 1,721b and 18 Nat (z) Argenton 7,608b
           x “081/11” Daughter  ‘Zoon’ won 42 Nat Argenton 20,383b

Mother 3070106/2011 Sister  ‘Gloria’
Direct Gaby Vandenabeele
Sister “Gloria” 2 Nat Ace Bird LD Old KBDB 2013 and mother 1 Nat Gueret 9,754b

Gr.F. 3006583/2005 Royal Blue
          Son to “367/94” Pipo Wittenbuik x “724/99” Patsy
Gr.M. 3069721/2004 Mona Super breeding hen
            Mother to 3 Nat Argenton 7,046b – 4 Nat Limoges 14,271b
           Daughter to “062/98” Bliksem x “770/99” Frieda


I give them something twice a day but in the morning it is always a mixture of grit, hemp seed and peeled sunflower seeds which I found very important. Next to this I believe in the Beyers mixtures. At homecoming it is always 50% Galaxy Light and 50% Gaby, as from the day after it is Gaby with some barley added until Tuesday. On Wednesday again 50% Galaxy Light and 50% Gaby (he does feed a bit less on Wednesday evening so they eat very well on Thursday morning). Albert feeds only one time heavier and that is Sport Energy with Gaby and Galaxy Light on Thursday evening. Now while feeding the youngsters he made sure that the hens didn’t become to light so he fed them very well.

In a matter of side products, Albert has been a faithful customer of the Rohnfried products the entire year trough. In Spring he uses a lot of Avidress but during the season he doesn’t make use of this anymore. At home coming it is especially Bt.Amin Forte that takes care a fast recovery.

In a medical way he didn’t do much this year, before the racing season they got a cure against tricho and middle of May they got 1/8 Flagyl individually and that’s it. 

The entire HERBOTS TEAM wishes Albert & Francine a big congratulation with this nice victory.  

2065111/2017 "IRINA" Blue Hen
1 NAT ARGENTON 3.319 Old Birds 
1 PROV Blois 2.953 Old birds 
2 Prov Le Mans 233 Old Birds 
8 NAT Chateauroux 4.631 Old birds
15 I.Prov Argenton 3.879 Old birds 
24 Prov Bourges 2.374 Old birds

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