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30 Aug
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The city Kruishoutem in the East-Flanders is were father and son Eddy & Maarten Leutenez won their 7th national victory out of their career and this after 30 years within the top of pigeon sport. A top result of their young birds and this after a lot of bad luck as they couldn’t race during 4 weeks with their youngsters which took care of a lag. The racing was being picked up really quick after this and raced their first middle distance race middle of August and now on Argenton their 1st National race. To come in directly with a national victory is something that happens only at the best lofts. Their young cock  4034402/2018 is a real classful pigeon, a very nice pigeon by hand and has the best blood of their 2 national ace birds from last year in his veins, so has the winners mentality in his genes. He isn’t only the fastest of the 16,372 young birds but also from all the 16,691 pigeons that were released in Argenton. Nationally they won 1,51,86,87,241,… so 4 x TOP 100 National and in this kind of circumstances is super and this also after the top sale of their racing team last year this means again a real asset.

Young birds

The young birds were darkened and the winner only threw one pin. So he raced Argenton with a full wing. They train once a day and this always in the morning. During the weekend of Bourges National the sexes were being separated with the eye on the fact that they could do a national and the motivation would be present as well. They did already very well with a 2nd Provincial Orléans so the condition was there and now they hit the rose totally.

On the day of basketing the youngsters were tossed at 13h00 on a distance of 40km and did about half an hour over this distance. They came home all on fire, about 15h00 they got their food and about one hour later it stroke that they did eat very well despite the fact they were busy with each other. Around 17h00 they took everything out and they could go to the club for basketing.


In a matter of feeding it is Vanrobayes what is on the menu, the pigeons get Purification Casaert on Sunday and Monday 100%. On Tuesdays it is 50% Caseart and 50% Race Exclusive, Wednesday 100% Race Exclusive and Thursdays 50% Race Exclusive and 50% Non Stop.

As extra they get Herbo Mineral Mix for 2 days in the beginning of the week and is being replaced the last 2 days by Herbo Racing & Power. At coming in after a training they always get a small portion of candy.

Before the racing season started they go for a check up to Raf Herbots in Velm, during the season it is Johan Van der Cruysse.

As supplements they alternate Herbovet ( Herbial, Tarsin, Recovery Plus, Herbobeets ) and Röhnfried ( Gerwit – W, Avipharm,… ) during the season.

Eddy & Maarten, from the entire HERBOTS TEAM a big congratulation with this fantastic victory.  

4034402/2018 ‘Oscar’ Blue white pin cock

Father 4232164/2011 ‘Bolleke 164’
Full brother to “612/14” Blue
Father to “Alaphilippe” 3 Nat Ace Bird All Round KBDB 2017 – 8 Nat Ace bird LD yearling KBDB 2017 ( won a.o. 19 Nat Jarnac 5,117b – 33 Nat Limoges 10,554b – 77 Nat Tulle 9,571b )

Gr.F. 4070146/2008 ‘Mauro’ Super breeder
          Father to 3 Nat Ace bird
          Son to “114/01” Blue super breeder x “155/03” Elisabeth
          Marcel Aelbrecht
Gr.M. 4108109/2009 Het Bolleke
           Won  1 I.Prov Tours 2,257b
           Daughter to “201/04” Jose x “707/05” ‘Rita’  Base breeding mother

Mother 4246758/2016 Last Daughter Base breeding mother ‘Rita’

Gr.F. 4370915/2006 ‘Grote Milan’
          Father to “203/09” ‘Zwarte Milan’: 57 Nat Chateauroux 18,725b -
           62 Nat Chateauroux 22,718b and is grandfather to “Trapke”
          1 Nat Ace bird All Round KBDB 2017          
          Son to 065/05” Son  1 Nat Perpignan x “057/05” Daughter ‘Milan’
Gr.M. 4159707/2005 ‘Rita’ Base breeding mother  
           Daughter to “956/96” Oude Audoor x “938/00”

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