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19 Jul
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Distance: 497km
Velocity: 1325,04 m/m

That youthful talent Koen Crucke out of Onkerzele (part of Geraardsbergen) is one of the ‘coming stars’, is something we all know. Every year again he manages to do some tricks that gives him more than one impressive result and also in 2018 he is doing that magic again. Proof are the underneath results set the past few weeks :

1 provincial Chateauroux
1 National Zone Chateauroux
2 National Zone Chateauroux
4 national Chateauroux 13,086b.
11-25-26 National Bourges 19,133b.
25 National Bourges  19,133b.
26 National Bourges 19,133b
22 National Gueret 8,517b.
25 National Chateauroux 8,634b.


What the base of this Eastern-Flanders colony is concerned we can say that over the years Koen managed to create his own strain. This is built up thanks to the co-breeding with different top racers out of the area where his own ‘grey kind’ and the breeding line of national ace bird ‘Nathalie’ are the most important pillars. The past 3 years several different pigeons from the loft of Bert Vandenberghe moved to Geraardsbergen. They all moved direct to the breeding loft and the first breeding results are very promising. The last investments were made at Anthony Maes (Waregem) and Luc Deprez (Ingelmunster).


Koen has a 38-headed hens team. These 38 hens are being coupled against 17 cocks, so he pulls the card of ‘jealousy’. End of November the first group of 17 hens was being coupled against the cocks and once their youngsters were weened, the 2nd group of 17 hens could come onto the loft. They could breed only for 4 days. The national winning hen ‘Xiana’ was in the group of the hens who only bred for 4 days.

To motivate the hens, Koen made special hens boxes. In front the hens have their spot and in the back the box is as big as the 2 frontal boxes, so both hens can see the same cock at the same day. At the day of basketing the hens can only see their cock and at homecoming only the first arriving hen can be with the cock and the other one has to watch it all from behind bars. Koen hopes to stimulate them extra this way.

In a matter of feeding the ‘Galaxy Light” mixture from Beyers are the base mixture on the menu and will be accomplished towards the race with “Briljant” (Beyers), “Galaxy Energy” (Beyers) and race mix with black corn (Versele-Laga). The last few days he also provides peanuts and adds Optimix (Herbots) + Energol (De Reiger)  and Boost-X5 (Oropharma) over the food. After the race Reha Vita Elixir (Schroeder) is being given and Probac (Brockamp) will go over the food. 

Medically Wim Boddaert is being consulted. Before the start of the season they were being cured against ornithoses. Trichomoniases is being concurred with the in the meantime known yellow drops which are being provided in the drinking water after home coming. Also a shoot Belgasol goes into the drinking water. At the same time also the partners of the racing pigeons are being treated.

The racing hens saw since the beginning of April every week a releasing point. Only the weekend before Argenton they stayed home and Koen tossed them one by one at 30km.


National winner “Xiana” (B17-4163909) is pure class ! Take your time to look at her palmaris and it won’t surprise you one second if she will be classified at the end of the season as 1st Provincial Ace Bird KBDB Middle Distance East-Flanders.

3/352 Toury
227/3850 Chateauroux zonal


28/04: 4 Noyon 288b.
19/05 : 2 Toury 1,269b.
26/05 : 488 National (z) Bourges 6,920b.
02/06 : 8 Provincial Chateauroux 4,708b.
30/06 : 4 National zone Gueret 2,775b.
05/07 : 19 National (z) Chateauroux 3,737b.
21/07 : 1 National Argenton 8,588b.

Whether “Xiana” was motivated in a special way? Koen: “That might be…as mentioned before they can’t see their cock at the day of basketing but now I left her during 2 hours with her cock. Probably that had motivated her super.”.

Koen…from the entire Herbots team a big congratulations and a lot of success along the way.


FASTEST OF 14,431b.

Stefan Mertens

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