Argenton II

19 Jul
21 Jul 07:00

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Distance: 554km
Velocity: 1222,66 m/m

Vise: National winner Argenton old birds is won by the sympathetic Victor Andot from Visé.  His crack “L’Ecaille 86” (B16-1121486) didn’t disappoint and won without hesitation 1st National Argenton against 5,780 old birds. With an average speed of 1,322.39 m/m he has beaten the old birds from Dierickx-Visschers (Zele – 1308 m/m) and Menten Ronny (Rummen – 1303 m/m). It can be said…winning isn’t a rarity for this beautiful chequered cock as this season he already won:
1st National (z) Argenton I against 825 old
3rd Provincial Chateauroux II against 189 old
6th National (z) Chateauroux II against 1,904 old
and now 1st National Argenton II against 5,780 old


Victor tells : “Argenton II is the last national race for the old and year birds and tradition wants that I always do something special on the day of basketing to motivate these guys even a bit more. This year I decided to bring the hens on the loft already from noon. Also the nest dishes were placed in all the boxes and a thick pack of straw was being placed on the floor. You can imagine it was a big party as normally they never get to see their hen on the day of basketing. They went into the basket super motivated and honestly my heart skipped a few beats when I saw my “L’Ecaille 86” rushing down to the sputnik a bit after two o’clock.”


Viktor has mostly Walloon pigeons and this base is composed out of original cracks from Morrier (Raccourt), Grégoire Julemont (Jupille), Laurent Andre (Lasne), Streel Edmond (Vreven), Willy Spelt (Jupille) and a few hens from Charlier, Brouwers and Dunant Theo.
Victor is a widow cock racer pur sang. Before the start of the season 2018 he had 35 widow cocks on his lofts, these were 14 old and 21 year birds. No winter breeding for the widow cocks but a bit of a divergent way of preparation namely the cocks are being coupled beginning of February for a first time, can breed for 10 days, are being separated for 10 days and are being coupled again to breed another 10 days. During this 2nd breed they are being cured against trichomoniases and if the weather allows it the training basket is being pulled out.
During the week the widow cocks train twice a day. This at 6 o’clock in the morning and at 16h. Also during these hot days the widow cocks had to train at 16h and Viktor watched them with a lot of pleasure as despite the hot temperatures his cocks kept on training very well.

In a matter of care he works with mixtures from Hoebregts. As base he gives a mixture of purification and ‘Sport Special’ and along the day of basketing approaches the part of ‘Sport Special’ is being increase and is being enriched with candy. After every training each cock will find 2 or 3 peanuts in his box.
In a medical way he never cures against ornithoses and against trichomoniases they got 6 weeks ago ¼ Flagyl. 

Victor… congratulations from the entire Herbots team.

B16-1121486 : 1st NATIONAL ARGENTON 5,780 OLD BIRDS

Stefan Mertens

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