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  • 02 Jun 2022 00:00
  • 04 Jun 2022 07:15
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Permanne Francis (Dour): 1st National Argenton 18,673b. - fastest 39,230b.


Francis Permanne – Dour
1st National Argenton 18,763 yearlings - fastest of 39,230b.

No less than 39,230 old and yearlings were at the start of this national race. The weather forecasts indicated NO wind so everybody was looking towards West-Flanders but that appeared to be a wrong reasoning because pigeons were clocked in the top of the national result in the western, central and eastern part of Belgium. 

The first report that appeared on KBDB-Online was from Francis Permanne from Dour. He clocked his Argenton kite for a distance of 451km at 12h55min, good for a speed of 1327.55m/m and he will not give this first place away to anyone again. All other Argenton racers lost their teeth on the speed of the yearling hen of Francis. A unique performance of a small built frail hen that had found a partner in the loft of the youngsters and so had started a nest. After 8 days of breeding, she got the performance of her life out of her wings. She must have been very motivated because when we took her in our hands, she was very difficult to hold. She wriggled and wriggled again to get free and go to her eggs. 

Pigeon sport pure hobby

Francis tells in a humorous way: "I am 75 years old and I used to be a butcher all my life. Pigeon sport is a pure hobby here. With a team of only 11 yearlings and 40 youngsters I try to have fun. All my pigeons come from my son-in-law David Flasse. David is well known to you because he already has 2 national victories on his palmares, 1st national Montélimar '14 and 1st national Pau '17. 
I myself stopped with the pigeons for a while in 2017 and a new start was made with pigeons from my son-in-law David.
My national winner (B21-10658541) will from now on go through life with the name "Ghislaine" and is a cross of pigeons from De Smeijter-Restiaen x Juxel Arnaud x Luc Derouck. Remarkable... the mother of "Ghislaine" is also mother of the 11th and 61st National Pau. 


I have a very limited loft installation which allows me to take the necessary time to take perfect care of all pigeons. 
On the menu are the mixtures of Versele-Laga. On Monday and Tuesday, this is purification and as the basketing date approaches, the percentage of sports mixture gets higher and higher. We don't pay attention to a grain but we always feed fully. As a butcher, I worked hard and a lot and I always ate good and solid food, otherwise one can't stand it. My pigeons also have to work hard, so they also get enough energy. 
From a medical point of view, before the start of the season, they only get treated against tricho. During the season, every week, they get a "yellow drop" through their throats. Commercially available vitamins are used as by-products. 

Francis, thank you for the very kind reception and enjoy your top performances! 


1st National Argenton 18,673b. - fastest 39,230b.
Distance: 451km
Velocity: 1,327.55m/m


The lofts

Stefan Mertens