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  • PANZA Roberto et Jeremy
  • 26 Jul 2021 00:00
  • 30 Jul 2021 00:00
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Panza Roberto & Jeremy ( Ans ) - 1st National Narbonne 5,972 year birds ( fastest of 11,777 birds )

On Narbonne the year birds had their 2nd International race on their program and 5,972 yearlings came at the start. The fastest of all is to be found on the loft of Roberto & Jeremy Panza from the Liège province in Ans and just as the winner at the old pigeons it is Liège at the top. This yearling hen is also the fastest of all 11,777 Belgian pigeons that were released in Narbonne around 08h00. 

A special story about the winning hen 

This pigeon came from a friend that lives 2 kilometres further and had a few shorter distance races in her birthyear. But as that friend said goodbye to pigeon sport last winter a few more pigeons from their colony came to Roberta including this hen which seemed a special one for Roberto. Now off course thanks to this victory it makes the story even more beautiful. 

The hens are being raced the entire season on classic widowhood. They train once a day and as many yearlings on the extreme long distance they were prepared doing a national race on the greater middle distance. This was for her Chateauroux beginning of June and she also did Agen where she also won a prize. Then she could go to Narbonne for her exam and she passed with glance. 

For Roberto & Jeremy another milestone in their career and this season already succeeded also thanks to getting nice references on other lofts. This is how the preliminary 1st National Ace bird Long distance KBDB 2021 from Harchies has 50% genes of the Panza colony in her blood. 

In a matter of food the pigeons are always being fed twice a day and always get barley in the morning and Super Widowhood from Versele-Laga in the evening. For the medical guidance we don’t have a lot of problems with trichomoniases, they only are being treated every fortnight for one day with Soludox.

BE 20-1029577 Blue Hen
1st National Narbonne 5,972 yearlings ( fastest against 11,777 pigeons )
Clocked time : 18:56:14
Distance : 857,884km
Velocity : 1307,29 m/min

Father BE 18-1134824 Son Fantome

Gr.F. BE 10-1024807 Fantome 
            Won 1 Prov Angerville
            Son to “BE 08-473” Grondelaers x “BE 08-310” 1 Prov Tulle
Gr.M. BE 15-1115783 Daughter Fantome
            Mother to 1 Nat (z) Souillac and 1 Nat (z) Libourne
            Daughter to “BE 10-807” Fantome 1 Prov Angerville x “BE 08-482” Grondelaers

Mother BE 18-1134877 Daughter 77

Gr.F. BE 16-2172787 Son Black Helga – Roger Buvens 
          Son to “BE 15-703” Brother Brive Kamiel & Gerry Hazaert x  "BE 12-122” Black Helga 
          16 Nat Tulle 6,229b Daughter Golden base breeding couple Roger Buvens
Gr.M. BE 09-1012177 77 Hen won 4 x 1st Provincial
            Sister to 2nd National Valence
            Daughter to “BE 08-305” x “BE 08-320”