Argenton II Yearling & Old


  • 12 Aug 2021 00:00
  • 14 Aug 2021 00:00
  • Yearling & Old

Wim De Troy - Berlaar - 1st National Argenton 9,847 old birds

The colony Wim & Steven De Troy from Berlaar is having in 2021 once again a super season. After their National victory out of Limoges they hit the rose again on Argenton. Maybe their most favourite race or don’t you remember the stunt of the past season with the youngsters where they won 1, 2 and 3 National Argenton youngsters. Top class of the highest level and for them the 6th National victory in a matter of 5 years of time. They are used to a lot here in Berlaar and more than one top fancier are near but they are at the top at the moment. 


Argenton National 9.487 old birds : 1,6,22,99,120,250,328,... 
Argenton National 23,124 young birds : 14,17,77,86,98,132,155,185,317,331,387,398,421,453,... 

Hens still on widowhood 

Half of the hens racing team is being raced on classic widowhood and the other half on total widowhood. After a few weeks they look which understand the chaos system and which don’t as when there is a real good one in between the team they keep the partner of this one as home as well as that system is still the one they prefer. The hens of the classic widowhood system serve here especially the long distance races. 

During the Winter period only the old hens are being coupled to get them on nest, while the yearlings can come together for only 3 to 4 days just to get to know their partners. 

The hens always train only once a day, this is always one hour in the morning. Especially in Spring they can train smoothly an entire hour. Now by the end of the season the lust to train diminished a bit but they solve this by taking the hens for a toss during the weeks together with the youngsters. They mostly fly around 45 minutes then and we notice that this is good. 

At basketing they always see their partner, mostly this is a small half hour that they can do whatever they want. After the race it depends on how heavy the race was. But normally they are being separated early in the evening, now after Argenton the season normally has ended for them. The focus will be on the youngsters from now one who did really well with 5 pigeons within the top 100 National and we know what they can do overhere… 


We give since many years the mixtures from Hoebrechts that I composed myself. This is a protein poor mixture and a sports mixture. Next to that we use especially the products Aïdi ( Recup Fast and probiotics ), from Herbots ( Optimix and Zell Oxygen ) and from Mariën ( vitaminerals and conditional powder ). We don’t use all of this in the same week but keep variation throughout the season. Against trichomoniases the pigeons were treated twice this year and maintain this by giving yellow drops on Sunday over the food. 

Winner Argenton

BE 20-6181050   Nafi Hen

Clocked time : 14:52:00
Distance : 547,512 km
Velocity : 1238,71 m/min

    1         Nat        Argenton              9,847b
    5         Nat(z)   Chateauroux       5,465b
  20         Nat        Chateauroux     15,322b
162         Nat        Bourges               28,551b
168         Nat        Chateauroux     14,758b
651         Nat        Argenton            23,280b

Father BE 16-6020177 Mister X

Gr.F. BE 10-6163863 Columbus – Van Eynde – Goovaerts
                Brother van 16 + 24 Nat Bourges 37,357b
                Son to “BE 07-827” Grandson 178/94 J & J Engels x “BE 07-967” Blue
Gr.M. BE 13-6291264 Destiny – Gaston Vandewouwer
                Daughter to “BE 03-098” Rik Son Kaasboer x “BE 11-403” Gita is ½ sister Palme D’Or

Mother BE 16-6267926 Moonshine
Sister to “Blue Moon” 2 Nat Ace bird GMD  KBDB ‘17

Gr.F. BE 09-6109092 Den 092
                Won himself  58 Nat Bourges 24,676b and 61 Nat Montlucon 17,865b
                Son to “BE 08-863” Super breeder Keesboer 863 x “BE 03-293” Walt Disney
Gr.M. BE 12-6225975 Las Vegas - Van Eynde – Goovaerts
                Daughter to “BE 10-601” Tornado Crash is son Tornado Couple x “BE 05-253”
                Vichy Hen won herself 19 Nat Vichy 11,055b


BE 20-6181096 Blue Hen

    6          Nat        Argenton              9,847b
  81         Nat(z)   Bourges                 9,844b
249         Nat        Bourges               28,551b
474         Nat        Chateauroux     20,789b

Full sister “Iron Lady” 1 Nat Montlucon ’19 9,863b

Father BE 16-6020152 Iron Man
Brother “King Boudewijn” is father to the 1st Nat La Souterraine 16,613b

Gr.F. BE 08-6176863 Keesboer 863 – Jozef Goovaerts base breeder
                Son to “BE 02-487” Blauwe 487” x “BE 04-893” Blue J & J Engels
Gr.M. BE 08-6374709 Manuella -
                Sister “Marianne” 2 Nat Ace bird GMD KBDB ‘07
                Daughter to “BE 04-833” Louis x “BE 04-880” Rosette

Mother BE 15-6046199 Cassandra

Gr.F. BE 13-6060077 Cheetah
                Won himself 8 Dourdan 834b, 19 Prov Orléans 4,262b, 26 Nat Chateauroux 12,071b
                Son to “BE 11-013” Top Gun x “BE 11-094” Wolverine
Gr.M. BE 13-6060262 Cibulkova
                Sister to Sharapova – 10 Nat Ace bird KBDB ‘13
                Daughter to “BE 11-093” Yuri J & J Engels x “BE 11-430” Mega Mindy Sister 
                6 Nat Ace bird KBDB ‘07

Wim & Steven a big congratulations with this victory from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

Buelens Kim