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  • 28 Jun 2021 00:00
  • 02 Jul 2021 00:00
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Ceulemans Gunther ( Emblem ) - 1st National Agen 7,360 year birds ( 1st Int.Nat Agen year birds )

The 1st international race for yearlings is traditionally Agen. Again a lot of pigeons came at the start with more than 35,000 pigeons in total (old and yearlings together). Both the national winners with the old and yearlings are to be found in Belgium and are also the international winners of this race. For the winner of the yearlings we drive direction Antwerp to Emblem where you can find the colony of Gunther Ceulemans. His yearling hen BE 20-6212958 “Robinne” is the fastest against 7,360 pigeons in Belgium and also wins the 1st International Agen but the correct number of participators is until now still not known. An extra ordinary result from this top hen. 

Gunther made the choice for the extreme long distance due to his busy profession, so he can at least enjoy the arrival of his pigeons. This victory can be added to the following top results of the past years; 9th National Pau 2017, 16th National St.Vincent in 2016 and 2nd Provincial Pau the past season. 

System racing team

The racing team exists out of 80 pigeons (cocks and hens together) who are being raced until the end of May on the classic widowhood system. Afterwards all pigeons will be coupled to make sure that the pigeons have a good nest position for the races they have to go to. The first team has to go to Pau on 12 days breeding, now on Agen most of them had small youngsters and for Barcelona they go on a youngster of 8 to 10 days old. 

Whether I also suffer from the difficult season? The honest answer is just yes, also I lost experience pigeons and I decided to basket only half of my yearlings on Agen as this is a big test and you could lose an entire racing team like this. A waste of time you’ve put in but luckily the winner was in the right half and took home a wonderful victory. 

How do you do it all in a matter of care ? 

I’m an independent carpenter and can count luckily on the help of my mother for the daily trainings and my girlfriend Tina to give the pigeons an extra toss once in a while. I’m always very early busy with the pigeons and is in the 2 months of the full season hard work. 

This was also on the day of the arrivals of Agen, I was at work and the Barcelona team had their last training out of Ittre where they were being released one by one. Then I got a message from Frans Buggeneers, who is especially my mentor and help in everything, that the first pigeons were clocked. When you clock then an early one it is scared waiting whether another one will come in front, but after half an hour we were sure that we won and could start celebrating. The winning hen is called ‘Robinne’ named after my daughter, she is a small hen with good muscles. 

She got it the hard way during the preparation, she was breeding when her partner stayed behind from a race. But her motivation for her first nest was this big that she kept on breeding by herself and got a small youngsters afterwards. This must have been the right motivation for her amazing result. 

Winner Agen

BE 20-6212958 “Robinne” Dark chequered hen 
1st National Agen 7,360 yearlings
1st International Agen yearlings
2nd Fastest of the entire pack ( 35,725 pigeons )

Father NL 17-1182072 Strain 745 – Cees Van Der Laan

Gr.F. NL 04-1917032 Inbred 745 – Cees Van der Laan
            Son to “NL 01-465” Son Brother 745 x “NL 01-432” Perpignan hen 
            won herself 37 Nat Perpignan ( Daughter 745 )
Gr.M. NL 12-1506846 Daughter 665 – Cees Van der Laan
            Daughter to “NL 99-665” Brother 10 + 18 Nat Barcelona x “NL 10-472”
             Leo Oostenrijk 

Mother BE 09-0000000 Pink Ring – Frans Bungeneers

Gr.F. BE 08-6163474 Inbred Queen Tonny – Frans Bungeneers
            Son to “BE 06-814” Brother Queen Tonny 1st Nat Barcelona x 
            “BE 01-748” Sister Queen Tonny 1st Nat Barcelona
Gr.M. BE 07-6108971 Granddaughter Queen Tonny – Frans Bungeneers
            Daughter to “BE 06-807” Son Michael x “BE 06-702” Daughter 
            Queen Tonny 1st Nat Barcelona

Gunther & Robinne, a big congratulation on this nice victory from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

Buelens Kim

BE 20-6212958 
1st Nationaal Agen 7.360 year birds

Clocked time : 17:48:55

Distance : 853km

Average speed : 1314,56 m/min