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  • 01 Jul 2020 00:00
  • 04 Jul 2020 07:35
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Van Hove-Uytterhoeven (Putte): 1st National Limoges 15,950 old birds

Distance: 663km
Velocity: 1637.36 m/m

What a WE for Van Hove-Uytterhoeven – Putte
1st National Limoges 15.981 old pigeons
1st National (z) Chateauroux 10.995 years old - fastest of 16.502 pigeons

Putte: Things are going great at the Lierbaan in Putte. Two weeks ago we could already congratulate Geert and his team with the 1st price provincial Vierzon against 2,691 old (fastest of 5,386 pigeons) and now last weekend it was again an incredible weekend !
Everything started at Chateauroux where hen "Delilah" (B19-6146619) won swiftly the 1st National (z) against 10,995 yearbirds (fastest of 16,502 pigeons), also good for the 9th national against 33,833 yearbirds. Nothing but satisfied faces at the home of Geert Van Hove but not knowing yet that the highlight of the evening was still to come. "Darling Limoges" (B18-6126138), a beautiful blue hen had no compassion with the competitors and claimed the national victory from Limoges against 15,981 old pigeons. 

The duel?

As you know, "mama Mit" left us last year and since Geert can't take care of his colony on his own, he has the help of Jens Goovaerts since this year. Geert: "We each have our own pigeons... I have a loft of hens, a loft of widowers and the youngsters of the 2nd round. Jens has taken over the tasks of my mother and has the youngsters of the 1st round and a loft of widowers under his care.
The nice thing is that we motivate each other a bit, a healthy duel, which certainly benefits the performance. At the moment I'm in the lead in the standings but my old and yearlings haven't been darkened while Jens has darkened his, so I expect a very strong season end of Jens' pigeons. 
As far as nutrition is concerned, Geert has the confidence in the Beyers mixes. When they come home it's "Energy", then they switch to "Sport Light" to feed "Energy" the last two days back. Medically before the start of the season the vet was visited but he said everything was OK, so no treatment was done yet. 

"Darling Limoges"

And then we ended up with the national winner of Limoges. A beautiful hen in hand ... a lady with spirit and as a yearling she belonged to the better of the loft. This season she hadn't shown anything immediately special and that's why she was basketed for Limoges. Whether "Darling Limoges" was specially motivated ... "no" says Geert "she was taken from the loft without showing a cock".

Palmares "Darling Limoges"
1st National Limoges 15,981d.
3rd Melun 4,580b.
220th National Argenton 16.496b.
240th National Chateauroux 24,611b.


The National Zone winner from Chateauroux against 10,995 year birds but also the fastest of 16,502 pigeons ! At national level her ring number is behind place 9 against 33,833 yearbirdss. Previously "Delilah" won 25th S-National Vierzon 4,019b., 78th Sermaises 2,803b. and 208th National Bourges 22,506b. 

Striking about the whole story is that the mothers of the "Valence" (1st National Valence '19) and "Darling Limoges" (1st National Limoges '20) are full sisters while the grandfather on the mother's side of "Delila" (1st Nat (z) Chateauroux ) is also a full brother... all of them are children of "Tommi" (B06-6052114) x "Miss Sjarapova" (B09-6294249).


Geert and your team... congratulations from the whole Herbots team! On to the next unique victory ! It's yours sincerely

Stefan Mertens

BE18-6126138 : 1st National Limoges 15,950 old birds


Head and wing