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  • 30 Jul 2020 00:00
  • 01 Aug 2020 07:30
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Poussart Olivier - Vaulx/Chimay: 1st National Gueret 7,175 old birds - fastest of 20,063b.

Distance: 470km
Velocity: 1278.65 m/m

Last year these known champion placed themselves in the picture already as during the national KBDB days they were crowned 1st National Champion KBDB middle distance old + year birds. Next to this also 3rd National Ace bird KBDB 2019 Middle Distance old, 3rd National ace bird KBDB short distance old and 4th national ace bird KBDB 2019 middle distance year birds, so I don’t have to explain that we are at the table with a real top fancier.

Paul Santens

Olivier Poussart tells: “via my brother Daniel I got in contact with Paul Santens from St. Martens Latem. It clicked right away between us and Paul gave me immediately a round of youngsters to race with. These pigeons did extremely well. Paul saw that it was good and in the meantime Paul moved all his breeders to Vaulx. In between these breeding couples there is a real top couple namely “B12-4179930” (a grandson 1st National Chantilly 12,108b. - strain:  Evans Mark) x “B11-4235169” (strain: Geert Munnik X Evans). They are the parents to both the 3rd  National Ace bird KBDB 2019 – the 2nd National Argenton 2015 and the 1st National Bourges 2015. Seen our National Gueret winner is a daughter to our national Bourges winner makes that our base breeding couple is now also grandparents to a national winner. These are already references that count. “

Both cocks as hens have to race

The racing team exists out of 25 cocks and 25 hens for the middle and greater middle distance races. Also they are creating bit by bit a long distance team. They are all being raced on the classic widowhood system with home staying partners. During Winter time the cocks are being coupled together with the breeders so they can breed on their eggs and raise those youngsters. The ladies don’t have a winter breeding and stay in aviaries until March. Than they are being coupled and can breed for 4 days. 
During the week the hens are locked up. In a matter of motivation we have a strict rule, we give all pigeons their partner during 5 to 10 minutes and then we start to put the first pigeons in the baskets. The last pigeons will be together for 15 to 20 minutes but that’s not a problem and doesn’t make any difference in result. After a short distance race the couples can sit together for maximum 4 hours, once they are on the middle distance and greater middle distance races, this is until the evening and after a bad race even until the next day. 


Olivier: “We trust fully the Beyers Galaxy mixtures. We work with Galaxy Light, Sport , Energy and Moult. Only the last 2 – 3 days we add a large portion of candies with peanuts. A fast recuperation after the race is very important and for that we use especially the Schroeder Tollisan products with  Tolyamin Forte, Immunol and Quick. The last days before basketing we give pure food so the pigeons will keep on eating. 
In a medical way we visit Vincent Schroeder 1x a year and cure every fortnight with Tricho Green and every month we give them individually something against coccidiosis. We try not to give too much against airway diseases, only if the results aren’t good enough. 

Olivier, Justin and Paul…a big congratulations from the entire Herbots team

BE18-4094895 : 1st National Gueret 7,175 old birds - fastest of 20,063b.



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