Bourges II Yearlings


  • 06 Aug 2020 00:00
  • 08 Aug 2020 07:00
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De Bock Jelle - Kluisbergen: 1st Nat. Bourges 8,585 yearbirds - fastest of 14,021b.

Distance: 419km
Velocity: 1263,71 m/m

Kluisbergen: Although hundreds of fanciers look out for the first national race for young birds out of Bourges, a heat wave decided differently and they only allowed the participation of yearling and old birds – which was according to us the only right decision. The predicted heath also had his influence on the amount of participants as ‘only’ 14,021 yearling and old pigeons were at the start at the release site in Bourges. But this all doesn’t says anything on the results that needed to be set by the Bourges pigeons as Bourges was everything aside an easy race.
Fastest of all participants was the yearling hen “Lena” (B19-4169696) from the 28 year old Jelle De Bock out of the Eas-Flemish Kluisbergen. Jelle is one of the fanatics who is now being introduced trough the big gate to the international pigeon sport. Jelle delivers since years a ‘strong game’ but everything came into rapids when he got to know his wife Annelies (daughter to the known champion Johan De Clercq) and current mentor Joost De Smeijter. With father in law Johan he got an experienced fancier as master and Joost delivered him the fast Willem de Bruijn duiven as Joost only concentrates on the marathon races. In other words we can state that this is a victory of youthfull top ambition guided by perfect experience and supported by pure quality pigeons. 


He didn’t have to think too much about the name of the national winner. “Lena”… as the 2-year old daughter to Jelle and Annelies. “Lena” is part of a 64-headed racing team (32 cocks and 32 hens) who race on the total widowhood system.  
Jelle: “We saw her coming perfectly. Straight out of the direction she needed to come. Not a second waisted or in other words an arrival as it should be. On the platform “KBDB Online” you see yourself at the first place and then it is waiting in suspense to see whether the fanciers on the longest distances won’t get in front of you. Luckily for us no one did better and won “Lena” with an average speed of 1263,71 m/m. She beat the yearling pigeons from Notebaert Arthur (Templeuve – 1253,85 m/m) and Deblanc Yoeri (Ronse – 1247,87  m/m). 
In a matter of care nothing is being left to the coincidence and as a teacher there is a lot of time during the school holidays to concentrate on the pigeon game. Since a few years we feel confidence with the food from Versele-Laga and have full faith in the side products from Belgavet.  In a medical way I won’t do anything on my own but every 2 to 3 weeks I ask the advice of vet Pascal Lanneau. “

8 pigeons Top-100 national

The Jelle De Bock pigeons had a lot of fun in owning this national race as no less than 8 pigeons were clocked within the top 100 national : 1st – 17th – 66th and 88th national year birds and 13th, 43rd, 48th and 54th nation old birds. 
What the future of ‘Lena’ is concerned…she won’t have one in one or the other loft in the far East as ‘Lena’ stays with Jelle and it won’t surprise us as we will see within a few years of time wonderful results of her offspring. It is warmly granted to you. 

Congratulations from the entire Herbots team

"Lena" BE19-4169696: 1st Nat. Bourges 8,585 yearbirds - fastest of 14,021b.


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