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  • 20 Jul 2020 00:00
  • 24 Jul 2020 07:00
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Preud’Homme Olivier – Gesves – 1st National Agen 5.151 old birds ( 1st I.National 30,000 birds )

BE 18-111936 Blue Cock
1st National Agen 5.151 old birds ( 1st I.National 30,000 birds )

Clocked time : 17:50:08
Distance : 787,402 km
Average Speed : 1211,14 m/min

At the start of the international race out of Agen we counted more than 30,000 pigeons, a record who were released on Friday at 7 o’clock in the morning. Normal speeds for the first arriving pigeons and the early pigeons were divided over the entire country. The winner of the old birds was to be found in the province of Namur, to be more detailed in the village Gesves. At the house of Olivier Preud’homme who won his 2nd national victory. In 2012 he won together with his team mate Jean-Marie Paulet the 1st national Pau. Then they won the 2nd International and now they score even higher and also win the 1st International against 30,000 pigeons. With on top of that on the same day the 8th and 84th National Montélimar with always only 2 or 4 old pigeons in the basket we speak about a small but super strong colony. 

How does the career of a pigeon looks like over here ? 

A young pigeon is just being trained without forcing them, to learn and to stay healthy is the message. As a natural resistance is the most important rule over here! Those who can’t do this goes out. When they become a year bird they especially do the provincial races with 2 nights basket, as a 2 year old it is the goal to race the one day long distance races and normally they only do the international races as a 3-year old. Now, due to the adjusted program we decided to give this 2-year old to Agen, it was his first test but a big racing basket is something he won’t see again. 

Widow cocks on the classic system

There is room for 40 widow cocks who are on the 1st floor of a brick loft that has been isolated. At the loft itself it is really cosy, a lot of oxygen and very dry. During the Winter period the pigeons don’t come out and aren’t being coupled. They start training on a daily base as from beginning of March and this is being built up from the start of the season to 2x a day for a full hour. 

What did the winner do as preparing races?  

At the beginning only a few training flights on the short distance races, after that a middle distance race and then now Agen. 


At basketing they always show their hen, only about five minutes because Olivier doesn’t think that this would make a difference. At arrival from the more heavy races they can stay together until the day after at noon. 


They get during the racing season a sports mixture together with a portion of candy that they get after a training. No extra products during the week, pure natural. Before the racing season starts of they are being purified against trichomoniases and ornithes and afterwards when the results are good we don’t cure anymore. 

BE 18-111936 Blue cock
1             I.Nat      Agen 
1            Snelste                 30,000b
1             Nat        Agen        5,151b

Father BE 12-8021133 Son Marit

Gr.F. BE 98-2004141 – De Marit – Leon Marit 
               Father to the 1st Nat (z) Pau ’04 
               Son to “BE 91-051 Ace bird Long Distance Fleurus ’94 x “BE 94-025” 57 Nat Bourges
Gr.M. BE 07-8015191
               Daughter to “BE 04-733” Son Base breeder Rostenne 3rd Olympiad bird Blackpool ‘98
               x “BE 05-360”

Mother BE 14-1132502 
½ sister 1 Nat (z) Argenton ‘15
½ sister 1st Ace bird Extreme Long Distance Liège – Haspengouw ‘19

Gr.F. BE 05-8033522 ½ brother 1st Nat Pau ’12 1,989b – 2nd I.Nat 8,382b
               Son to “BE 05-310” Father Pau x “BE 07-937” Grandmother 1st Nat Pau ’12 1,989b – 2nd 
               I.Nat 8,382b + 1 Nat (z) Pau ‘04
Gr.M. BE 10-8000326 Daughter Rostenne
               Daughter to “BE 95-411” Rostenne 3rd  Olympiad bird Blackpool ’98 x “BE 07-151” 
               Ace bird Long Distance year birds ’08 ( 2 Prov Tulle – 4 Prov Bordeaux )

A big congratulations Olivier with this nice victory from the entire HERBOTS TEAM. 

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