Issoudun Old Pigeons

  • 17 Jul 2019 00:00
  • 20 Jul 2019 07:30
  • Old Pigeons


Rummen: On this national race 1,718 pigeon fanciers basketed together 8,248 old birds. With an average speed of 1,372.25 m/m ‘Tinneke’ from professional pigeon fancier Davy Tournelle wins before the old birds from Hilde Ceulemans (1,370.59 m/m) and Engels Jos & Yves (1,367.08 m/m – for your information : who also win the 4th national) .

Davy, assisted by his mother Ann and father Patrick, knows perfectly his way around pigeon sport and chose, despite his young age of 34, to be a full time pigeon fancier. His base was built around one superior breeder namely “Tiesto” (B05-2217970). This unique pigeon became father/grandfather/great-grandfather of many top pigeons with amongst other Olympiad birds and national winners ! “Tiesto” comes from the breeding strains of the known breeding couple “Bonnie” x “Clyde” from Clement Robben (Herk-de-Stad).


National winner old birds is the blue hen “Tinneke”. “Tinneke” is average built, strong back, super muscled and very thick feathered. Typical for ‘Tinneke’ is that she always feels a bit the same in a matter of weight and this is even a bit to the lighter site.
“Tinneke” is a lady that knows how to handle things as she already won underneath results before she won the 1st national :

3 Nat. Argenton 8,588b.
17 Nat. Chateauroux 4,641b.
74 Nat. Argenton 15,235b.

2 I.Prov. Chievrain 3,118b.
2 Prov. Blois 2,953b.
9 I.Prov. Etampes 5,830b.
13 Prov. Blois 1,552b.
65 Nat. Z. Chateauroux 3,752b.
16 Soissons 1,473b.
28 Soissons 1,189b.
56 Momignies 2,534b.


They don’t look at a feather more or less at the Tournelle’s and make the daily effort for 100% to prepare the extended racing team of 56 cocks and 114 hens in a perfect way. No total widowhood or no chaos system…no…all racing pigeons have a fixed partner that wait for them when they get home from a race. The cocks have bred a couple of youngsters before the racing season started off while the hens didn’t breed at all.

As from the start of the season they competed weekly in the races, especially the hens must have seen the inside of a basket every week otherwise they start to pair up amongst each other and that is something they really try to avoid.
The hens reside in a specially adapted loft. The front part exist out of a department with boxes while the back of the loft is an aviary where the bottom exists out of ‘rolls’. So the ladies can’t hook up together and are obliged to sit on the chapels.
Seen the hard racing program they get from the day of arrival until the day of basketing a fat rich mixture. As an extra treat they get daily some walnuts.

In a medical way they gave until now twice a three day cure against ornithes and against trichomoniases they get yellow drops. The racing pigeons do get 4 times a week drops with Neobacitracine.

You read it…only the sun comes up for free…work hard on a daily base but when this hard work is being rewarded with a national victory, well yes…then it is much easier to go on the loft with a big smile.

We like to wish you a lot of success in the future from the entire Herbots team.

"TINNEKE" B17-2058221

1 Nat. Issoudun 8263p.
3 Nat. Argenton 8588p.
2 I.Prov. Chievrain 3118p.
2 Prov. Blois 2953p.
9 I.Prov Etampes 5830p.
13 Prov. Blois 1552p.
17 Nat. Chateauroux 4641p.
65 Nat. Zone Chateauroux 3752p.
74 Nat. Argenton 15235p.
16 Soissons 1473p.
28 Soissons 1189p.
56 Momignies 2534p.