Bourges II Old Pigeons

  • 01 Aug 2019 00:00
  • 03 Aug 2019 09:30
  • Old Pigeons


Bourges II is and stays a classic race for the middle distance and greater middle distance racers. For the old and year birds this is mostly the last race to show what they got and for the young birds it is the opener of their national program.
In 2019 7,260 old pigeons entered this race and blue widow cock “Le Soixante Neuf” (B17-1067769) from the known Wallon fancier Weduwe Roger Delbruyere from Solre-Sur-Sambre (commune of Erquilinnes). “Le Soixante Neuf” didn’t only beat all the old competitors but was with a speed of 1,195.82 m/m also the fastest against all 46,251 Bourges racers. Speaking of a hell of an achievement !
For those who are interested…this national victory isn’t the first for this colony. In 2002 they already won National Argenton year birds.


The fanciers behind this name are mother Alberte and son Alain and they started of the season with a team of 28 widow cocks. Pigeon sport is being practised in all its simplicity. Pigeons have all the opportunity to proof themselves full on the races and at the end of the season the achieved results decided the final selection. ‘You just can’t select hard enough’ says Alain.
The widow cocks are being coupled end of November, could race a couple of youngsters and once they are old enough everything was being separated and the widowhood became a fact. There wasn’t a second coupling.

The lofts are very simple but solid and have an excellent ventilation. In a matter of care again the ‘simple’ card has been drawn. The widow cocks train once a day and as mixture they make use of Teurlings. Light at the beginning of the week, a bit heavier during the week and the last 2 days an energy rich mixture. Electrolytes at arrival and an eye drop ‘Avisal’ both at basketing as at arrival of a race. The widow cocks don’t get motivated ever in a special way. They only get their nest dish at disposal but at homecoming their ‘madamme’ is waiting for her cock and then they don’t look for a minute more or less.

The base of the Delbruyere colony is built during the years with pigeons from : Willy Cleirbaut, Marc Roosens, Florizoone and Pochet Eugène.


Let’s go back for a minute to the national winner Bourges. This blue cock is an average type of pigeon with a smart head on a solid body. Alain saw a small group of pigeons coming over his loft and all of a sudden one came out direction sputnik. It didn’t take very long before the ‘beep’ sounded through the air. “Le Soixante Neuf” had a nice leap as the number 2 and 3, both from fancier Boris (St Marie/semois) had a speed of 1,169.26 m/m and 1,164.30 m/m.
Questioning whether the “Le Soixante Neuf” was motivated in a special way was something Alain couldn’t reply on.

Winning Bourges is writing history and that is something the Delbruyere family knows by now. Phones that rang constantly, brokers that showed more than interest and an auditor that checked everything to the dot…a busy evening but we are sure that Alain was able to celebrate this marvellous result from his “Soixante Neuf” together with his family expanded later.


Distance: 379km
Velocity: 1195.82 m/m