Bourges II Young Pigeons

  • 01 Aug 2019 00:00
  • 03 Aug 2019 09:30
  • Young Pigeons

Eyletten Michel & Gunther ( Diest ) 1st Nat Bourges 28.569 youngsters

We already know this tandem since several years, father Michel & son Gunther are performing at a very high level since years now. We will go back a few years when they won 1st National Gueret, the year before they already won 2nd National Gueret and the year after this national victory they won 3rd National Bourges young birds. Last season they added 1st National z Chateauroux with their best old widow cock and now this year they win the classic race with the young birds. 1st National Bourges with 2017436/2019, a beautiful blue hen that came racing out of the right direction but gave them a little bit of stress before clocking. There was a strange pigeon with her and lost a full minute. But luckily she stayed the fastest against 28,569 young birds and will go into the history books as the National winner Bourges II 2019. That the top condition was present on the loft is something we could tell the weeks before, 2nd Fay-Aux-Loges 1,475y, 3rd Prov Issoudun 1,809 year birds ( 10th Nat 11,465 yl) and last week 7,8,13,18 Prov Fay-Aux-Loges against 2,052 young birds. Then you have good papers going to the national races and then we didn’t even talk about all the 1st prizes on the short distance races.

System young birds

The system of the young birds is in fact quiet simple. They are being darkened as from the 28th of February until 3 weeks before Bourges. This is quiet long but as from 18h00 in the evening until 08u00 in the morning they are in the dark. When they get out of the dark the sexes are being separated, the motivation start to come up as from the moment they can stay together for about 4 hours before basketing. They aren’t being separated anymore and are being basketed just like that. Everything is being done to motivate them, carton boxes, nest dishes in all boxes so they can do whatever they need to do.

After the race they can also enjoy each other for a long time, they can stay together until the day after and can stretch their wings for a bit. When they come in they are being separated.

Did the youngsters race a lot until now ?

It is always a bit of a gamble and look for the best races in the preparation. But these had 2x Momignies, 2x Soissons, Nanteuil, Chevrainvilliers before they went to the provincial race of Fay – Aux – Loges. This was a gamble as they had to stay in the basket for 3 nights, but the pigeons came home very fresh and the result was amazing. Ready for Bourges and the result is known.

The pigeons aren’t being tossed extra during the week as they train very well at home. After the pigeons go on the sliding doors system the young cocks train twice a day together with the old cocks, the young hens only train once a day.

The winner herself wasn’t paired up until the week before Bourges, she had her prizes but no real high lights. She found her love on Monday and this motivated her apparently well enough to want to win.

2017436/2019 Blue hen
1 Nat Bourges 28,569 young birds

Father 2092782/2017 Blue

Gr.F. 2114259/2014 Schone Blauwe – Co-breeding Eyletten x Schroeven
Son to “182/06” Gert Base breeder – Father 1st Nat Gueret x “326/09”
Blauwke Peter Bours 13 Nat Bourges 17,138b Super breeding hen is
great-grandmother to 1 Nat Ace bird ELD year birds KBDB 2016
Gr.M. 2075008/2015 Bloiske 008 – Won 9 Prov Blois
Super breeding hen
Mother to “Mr.Melun” 3 x 1st
Mother to “Super Limoges” 53 Nat (z) Argenton 3,096b - 117 Nat
Bourges 28,078b – 153 Nat Bourges 5,831b
Daughter to “702/07” Mister 28 won 28 x 1st x “840/10” Blue

Mother 2078334/2016 Blue white pin – Bert Van Den Berghe

Gr.F. 4186081/2013 Son Adonis Bliksem - Bert Van Den Berghe
Son to “868/12” Adonis Bliksem x “730/08” Blue
Gr.M. 4257430/2013 Daughter Pipo - Bert Van Den Berghe
Daughter to “107/09” Pipo x “464/11” Miss Ballon Gaby Vandenabeele


In a matter of feeding they put all their trust on the mixtures of Vanrobaeys. The pigeons get at the day of arrival a breeding mixtures, the day afterwxards Diet Extra and on Mondays and Tuesdays a moulting mixture. The last 2 days before basketing it is the new Gino Clicque mixture that is being given so we don’t have to give any extra peanuts as there are enough in this mixtures. They do give ‘Allerlei’ grit as extra and also some candy seed.

During the week they use as a recuperation product after a race the products from Koehoorn, the recovery is the base for what still has to come. As from Tuesdays they then only get Wonderpigeon in the drinking water until basketing. This product is what they give after the season on a daily base until the season starts off again.

If we have a look at the medical side there isn’t anything left to the coincidence, the go every 3 weeks for a check-up and rather spend money for a check-up then to cure blindly. This season they only had to purify the pigeons before the racing season and that’s it..

Michel & Gunther, a big congratulation on this beautiful victory from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.