Argenton II Young Pigeons

  • 22 Aug 2019 00:00
  • 24 Aug 2019 08:00
  • Young Pigeons



High temperatures with an Eastern wind made that Argenton National would become a very though race. First pigeon is to be found in Pottes in the province of Henegouwen at the colony of Andre Allemeersch. Andre has been competing on a high level since years now and also this year he confirms his quality by winning the 2nd National Ace Bird Great Middle Distance KBDB and now with a national victory on Argenton young birds. He has been close many times with a 2nd, 3rd , 4th and 5th National but the icing on the cake has been set this weekend !

Preparation toward the nationals

He rings about 75 youngsters to race each year, when he started to train them there were 52 left and at the moment 40 are still present at the loft. All youngsters are being darkened from the end of February until the 21st of June. He never enlightens them but Andre’s pigeons have a very big advantage and that is that they moult very slowly and he doesn’t need to enlighten them to be able to end the season easily.

The youngsters train once a day daily until they go onto the sliding door system. This is from the moment they had their first middle distance race because he noticed that they are too crazy and wild on the short distance races and suffers a lot of losses like this. That’s why he only separates them as from 250 to 300 km. From the moment they are on the sliding doors system the young cocks train twice a day and the young hens once a day.

The preparation towards the nationals is as follows; they had 2 short distance races, then a Toury and an Orleans before they went direction Bourges. Unfortunately they came home from Bourges with eye infection which made that they lost a bit of condition and that he had to interfere after a visit to the vet. So after Chateauroux we cured them with Soludox and they picked up rather quickly after this cure.

The week before Argenton they got another Toury and they got home this good that we knew that they would be ok on Argenton.

What about the national winner?

Well, she was coupled very quickly to a cock that unfortunately stayed behind rom Bourges, she missed on Chateauroux as her 1st love wasn’t present anymore but picked up on Toury with a 5th prize against 320 pigeons. Andre didn’t know then what was going on and why she showed herself now anyway.

Last Wednesday he tossed them one more time on 30km and at homecoming he noticed it. She found a new cock which probably made that she found a new motivation to set amazing results. At arrival from this training flight they didn’t stay together for a long time at all.

At arrival from the real races they can stay together until the national races until the evening and as from Bourges until the day after. And from the moment they are on the sliding door system they can come together before basketing for one and a half hour.


All mixtures come via De Stoop from Waregem. We only use a light, protein poor mixture and a sport mixture. They get at arrival and on Sundays Sport with a recuperation product over the food and in the drinking water Amino Forte from Herbots. Afterwards he changes onto a light mixture until Tuesday evening. On Wednesdays this changes into 50/50 light and sports and at the day of basketing 100% sports mixture.

A few extra’s that are being given are Belgasol from Belgica De Weerd on the day of basketing and Tea on Tuesdays.

In Spring it is especially vinegar and garlic oil with brewers ‘yeast that is being given. In a medical way he tries to stay away as long as possible from medication but now he had to interfere after Bourges. So the week after Bourges they got a short cure against trichomoniases and after Chateauroux they got Soludox.

1077411/2019 Blue Hen
1ste National Argenton 23.260 young birds ( fastest of 28.419 birds )

Father: 9040127/2010 De Filou
Won himself 1 Prov Bourges 2,135b – 9 I.Prov Bourges 8,730b – 88 Nat 20,742b

Gr.F. 9038348/2001 De Dikke
Son to “127/93” Kampioen Baekelandt x Dedeyne x “304/99” Daughter
Montauban Andre Laurent
Gr.M. 9060220/2009 Star 09
Daughter to “Late” x “Spreeuwke”

Mother: 1039844/2018 Daughter New Favorit

Gr.F. 9040189/2010 “New Favorit”
Son to “Favorit” 3 Nat. Ace bird GMD KBDB 2010 x “De 028”
Gr.M. 3029858/2017 “Miranda” Rino Verheye – ½ sister 1st Prov Ace bird KBDB 2016

Distance : 480,253km
Clocked : 14:10:07
Speed : 1297,57 m/min