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Velocity:  1268,26 m/m
Distance: 658km

Lambermont: When the 15,763 Limoges racers were being released at 07u30, it was a big guess for everybody to know in which part of Belgium the national top was going to be.  The first 250 to 300km there was east/north east wind and from Paris on there was a south-west/west wind. When we analyse the result now we can state that there were early pigeons in every part of the country. In the top 10 there are pigeons out of 6 different provinces from the province of Liege onto the province of West-Flanders.

Being able to visit the national Limoges winner we needed to drive direction the province of Liege, to Lambermont to be exact (in the neighbourhood of the more known Verviers). In the Rue de Tribomont you can find the house of the brothers Jean-Marc and Alain Caro. At the courtyard of the parental farm they practice pigeon sport and when we ask if they had expected the national winner in their area they both said ‘no’. Jean-Marc explains :’honestly…we weren’t even awaiting our pigeons when our first Limoges races registered. My brother Alain passed just that instant with his tractor when he something going into to the widow cocks loft as a lightning. We felt immediately that this was going to be a very early one…we could never expect that it would be the 1st National.’ 


The name Caro isn’t a strange name within pigeon sport. They have a very strong long distance colony which everybody always have to take into account when competing against them. In 1996 they represented Belgium on the Olympiad in Lièvin with “L’Olympiade” (B96-1008157). In 2009 their “Best Of Europe” (B05-1048372) won 1st National Souillac 7,312b. and became also 1st national ace bird Long distance KBDB 2008. In 2009 they won 1st National Montauban against 7,203b with “B06-1058428” and now the 1st National Limoges against 15,763b.. Results that count !

The base of the colony Caro was built by late father Marcel. The above mentioned top pigeons were never sold and form the base of the current colony. After their father passed away they raced for a while under the name ‘Veuve Caro Marcel’ but the last 2 seasons the name ‘Caro Jean-Marc’ can be found on the list. The brothers Caro have full confidence in their colony and seldom a pigeon is being added to it. It has been since 2008 that they brought in the last time a new addition to their breeding loft namely a De Rauw-Sablon hen. She got a box on the breeding loft and it was a hit in the rose directly.


The method that the family Caro follow isn’t something you can write a book about. Pigeon sport is being kept very simple over here and we have the impression that they only have one rule namely breed a lot, race a lot and select as hard as possible. 
They started the season of 2018 with a group of 140 widow cocks (divided over 7 lofts whereof 54 old cocks), about 20 hens, 40 breeding couples and 300 youngsters.

  1. The widow cocks were being coupled on the 6th of February, could race a youngster and then the widowhood was a fact.
  2. During the first weekend of April the widow cocks went to Chimay (120km)
  3. The hens are never shown at the beginning of the season before basketing. For basketing Limoges they could see their hen for the first time. Maybe the motivation for the national victory was created here.
  4. The widow cocks can train free…meaning during 1h to 1h15 they can go either outside or inside. No obliged training.
  5. Feeding isn’t an art at all. On the menu they have a 4-season mixture. The cocks are being fed in a common feeding tray bit by bit. When a bit of mixture remains in the tray they stop feeding them.
  6. In a medical way there is the obliged vaccination against paramyxo and all the racers get during the breeding a cure against trichomoniases. Afterwards they don’t give anything against trichomoniases nor against ornithes.


The star of the former weekend was off course the “B16-1146002”. He left all 15,763 Limoges races behind, was clocked at 16h09minutes with a speed of 1,268.18 m/m. A striking fact…his nest brother “B16-1146001” was clocked at 16h27 with a speed of 1,223.43 m/m and ends on the 10th National Limoges ! Both cocks have as pedigree :

Father :  1045135-11, - 1st Ace Herbots ranking LD (5 races ) - 1 Prov Ace Lg Hesb (6 prizes) 
2011 : 8x prize with ao. 4 Philippeville 218b - 12 Epernay 111b 
2012 : 10x prize with ao. 45 Nevers 761b - 173 Nat Libourne 7,957b - 2 Limoges 1,054b 
2013 : 10x prize with ao. 131 Nat Limoges 14,271b - 511 Nat Cahors 8,570b - 58 Libourne 1,945b - 29 Souillac 1,388b - 145 Nat Tulle 7,350b 
2014 : 8x prize with ao. 210 Cahors 2,667b - 225 Limoges 5,228b - 151 Nevers 2,313b 
2015 : 8x prize with ao. 22 Limoges 605b - 10 Montauban 417b - 19 Jarnac 458b - 21 Libourne 471b.

Gr.F. : 1013459-07, “Europa Cup” 1 Ace bird LD Belgium Dortmund’10 – top racer and breeder, super palmaris : 1 Brive 539b - 84/6,567b - 1 Limoges 99b (53/2,429b) - 85 Nat Limoges 16,012 b - 1 Cahors 423b (22/2,896b) - 1 Souillac 222b (9 NAT 7,597b)

Gr.M. :  1054623-08, Daughter ‘Best of Europe’ who was 1 National Ace bird LD KBDB x ‘613-06, ‘De Rauw-Sablon’ top breeding hen

Mother : 1032999-11, daughter ‘de Montauban’

Gr.F. : 1058428-06, ‘De Montauban’, 1 NAT Montauban’09 – 7,203 b - 9 Brive 539b - 23 Bordeaux 1,038b – father of ‘372-10’ ( 1 Nat C Limoges 2,830b) – father of ‘100-11’ ( 3 Nat 14,271b) 
Gr.M : 1013085-08, Daughter top couple – out of ‘060-01’, father of 81, 82, 094 … x the ‘613-06’, top breeding hen ‘De Rauw-Sablon’


On Limoges Jean-Marc and Alain basketed 18 pigeons. On the national list (prizes per 4) 15 of them have placed their ring number on the results list. Speaking of a top result:

15,763 old: 1-10-15-113-116-199-286-695-802-1,557-1,715-2,287-2,711-3,051-3,375 !

Jean-Marc and Alain…the entire Herbots team likes to wish you a big congratulation and lots of success in the future !

Stefan Mertens

B16-1146002: 1st NATIONAL LIMOGES 15,713 OLD BIRDS

B16-1146001 : 11th  NATIONAL LIMOGES 15,713 OLD BIRDS

B15-1141544 : 15th NATIONAL LIMOGES 15,703 OLD BIRDS

Stefan Mertens