Father: BE6056539-16 “FALCON ONE” 

Van Oeckel B&N

Is a son to “F-16” BE6107016-09:

One of the best pigeons in history

         1   National La Souterraine            3,562b 

              (fastest of 20,124b ! )                                    620km

         5   National Bourges                    24,676b          510km

        10   National La Souterraine            4,778b          620km

         1   Ace Bird Confidential Cup FCD Budapest 2012

         2   European Ace Bird Cat. C 2011

         4   Olympiad Bird Belgium Cat. C Nitra 2012


is Father/Grandfather of 10 top 15 National Winners!

Son of ‘Zwarte Diamant’ Super breeder

Father/Grandfather of 15 top 15 National Winners and at least 8 x 1st prize


Mother: BE6286934-15 “Sister Olympic 306”

Full sister to “Olympic 306”:

1 Olympic bird Cat. C Brussel 2017

Broeckx Niels


  • Middle distance
  • Breeder:
    T.M.T. LOFT
  • Seller:

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“Wouwerke 18”


€ 250.00