Total Public Auction: Jean Philippe Empain

27 Nov 14:00 -
04 Dec 19:00
23 Pigeons

Auction details

Total auction Jean-Philippe EMPAIN de Haine St.Pierre

Great quality for long distance races. Investments that make it possible to reach the top!

An impressive series of breeders with irreproachable physical qualities and the most noble origins, such as the Jelle Jellema and New Laureaat (international winner Barcelona and current pillar of the loft) Batenburg!

Sunday 5 December, Nivelles (Rue de la Guenette 6)
Exposition from 12 PM - Auction at 2 PM.


This auction is presented on section Pigeon Bids / Public auctions
This auction is a public auction with pre-bidding on internet . When the pre-bidding ends on the internet it does not mean that you are the winner of the pigeon. The live public auction will start with the highest pre-bid of the internet and when nobody makes a higher bid during the live auction then the pigeon will be assigned to the highest pre-bid. If there is a higher bid in the live auction then this bid will be the winner of the pigeon.
Public auctions are always supervised by an official bailiff or a notary, this means with public auctions the winner of the pigeon must pay an additional charge of 20 % on top of the price of the pigeon, so on all prices of the pigeons presented in a public auction there is a surcharge of 20 % on the final bid, as well for the winners of the pre-bid as for the winners in the live auction .
The winners will be informed by e mail, on the first working day after the auction

The starting offer of the pre-bidding on internet is minimum € 100 .
Some pigeons of the public auction are not presented on internet, their starting price is € 50 in the auction room.
Every auction program is based on the information we received from the seller.
Sex and fertility of the pigeons can not be guaranteed.
Buying orders : On the day of the auction you can always contact us to increase your offers, this is best by telephone. Contact Mr H.Surinx +32 496 78 00 34
Organisation: La Colombophilie Belge - [email protected]