100% Dirk Van den Bulck
Half-brother, same father, to 18th Nat. ace KBDB 2018
Grandson “New Kittel”. “New Kittel” won Olympiad bird Budapest 2014
1st/1,371b. – 3rd/1,993b. – 8th/1,571b. – 26th/2,126b.and so on
Grandson “Goede Rode”. “Goede Rode” is the base breeder at Van den 
Bulck Dirk. Offspring to “Goede Rode” won 1st, 1st, 1st, 2nd,4th and 6th
Nat. ace KBDB birds

Father: “Godfather Goede Rode” B10-6342496 – original Dirk Van den Bulck
Is father to: 18th Nat. ace KBDB 2018 – 2/1,595b. – 8/2,170b. - 8/1,068b. –
 8/2,170b. –  12/1,029b. - 13/1,303b. – 23rd/2,180b. 
Is grandfather to 11th Nat. ace KBDB ½ Fond 2017
Is a half-brother, same father, to famous “Kittel”, “New Kittel” and “Greipel”
Direct son out “De Goede Rode” x “Pithivierske 998”

Mother: “Queen of New Kittel” B18-4224824 – 100% Dirk Van den Bulck
Direct daughter “New Kittel” . “New Kittel” won Olympiad bird Budapest 2014 – 
1/1,371b. – 3/1,93b. – 8/1,571b. – 26/2,26b. – 60/1,623b. – and so on
“New Kittel” is a full brother to “Kittel” (1st Nat. ace KBDB) and “Greipel” (6th Nat.
ace KBDB)
Granddaughter world-famous “Kittel” (B13-6139803)


  • Breeder:
    Brieftauben Zumdiek
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Lot 3 “Grandson New Kittel”


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