Grandson “The Miracle” , winner of 7th Nat. ace KBDB ‘17

Father: “Jonge Kittelbolt” B18-6138173 – original Rudy Van Reeth
Is brother of “Superduivin” (2 x 1st 9 x Top-10)
Uncle of “Pidcock” (6th Nat. ace KBDB)
Impressive son of “Kittelbolt 797” (breeder of 21 x 1st prize winners)
Grandson of 1st National ace KBDB “Kittel” x his own sister

Mother: “Beauty of the Miracle” B19-6060809 – original Van den Bulck
Direct daughter of “The Miracle”.
“The Miracle” won:
2nd prov. ace sprint KBDB 
7th National ace sprint KBDB ’17 
1st Ace Tienverbond 
3 x 1st prize
Is a half-sister of “950-19”, winner of 1st/1,313b. – 9th/1,100b.
Is a half-sister of “958-19”, winner of 7th/1,100b. 
Is a granddaughter of  world-famous “Kittel” (1st National ace KBDBsprint ’13)



  • Breeder:
    Brieftauben Zumdiek
  • Seller:

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Lot 6 “Kittebolt 343”


Winning bid
€ 600.00