Pigeon Bids Veulemans - Perilleux

10 Dec 14:00 -
20 Dec 14:00
10 Pigeons

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In this pigeon bids edition we bring together some performance pigeons from heavy middle distance with children from the National winners and the best breeding couples of the Veulemans & Perilleux colony. They have mainly built up their colony with the “Platinum Pair”, no less than 13 children from this couple became or bred winners in big competitions. For example, 3 grandchildren were national winners (1st National Bourges 24,019p, 1st National La Souterraine 9,580p - fastest of 17,219p and 1st National Gueret 2,429p ) and 13 x 1st National Zone was won in about 10 years. In 2022, they again excelled with a 2nd National Bourges 24,496p – 3rd S.Nat Nevers 4,036p – 4th National Chateauroux 17,165 youngsters. Top quality at national level from 400 to 600km.