Pigeon Bids Vandepasch & Daughter

04 Dec 14:00 -
14 Dec 14:00
14 Pigeons

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In 2022 Vandepasch & Daughter experienced a super season, but unfortunately Jan also passed away. This colony became 1st National Champion Sprint NPO / W.H.Z.B. and 1ST National Ace pigeon speed NPO / W.H.Z.B. with “NO LIMIT”. Again a granddaughter of “Jupiter” and “Olympic Hurricane” of Willem De Bruijn. The 2 basic breeding lines at the Vandepasch house of which they bring several proven descendants up for auction here and excluding 1 full sister of superstar “NO LIMIT”

Lot 2

“Darling Jupiter”



Top class racing hen – 3 x TOP 40 + 6.000 birds 

    4              Orléans              779p 495km
    9              Mettet                652p 162km
  10              Rethel                545p 246km
  12              Issoudun           473p 581km
171    NPO                          4.228p
  14    Prov  Sens              11.864p 413km
  16    NPO  Lorris              6.149p 473km
  20              Sezanne         1.639p 347km
  20              Rethel                794p 246km
  24              Melun              1.843p 393km
  27              Chimay              742p 198km
  28              Chalons             713p 303km
  32              Nanteuil            876p
  34              Chalons          1.514p 303km
  38              Chalons          3.108p 303km
110    Prov                        11.256p
  39    Prov  Sezanne         9.834p 347km
  39              Sezanne         1.182p 347km
  74    Prov  Melun           15.360p 393km
  78    NPO  Issoudun        7.587p 581km
118    Prov Chimay         15.903p 198km
136    NPO  Montlucon     3.236p 621km


Father "NL 15-1035547" Son Jupiter 
  Son "Jupiter" Stock Father x
   "Mother Olympic Ranomi" 
    Willem De Bruijn Base Hen


Mother "NL 16-1864911" Daughter Darwin
   Orig.Willem De Bruijn
   Mother 1 Melun 2.718p - 1 Mettet 2.052p
   Mother 7 x 1st 
   Daughter "Darwin" x "Marigold"