Pigeon Bids Vandemeulebroecke Carlos & Xavier

18 Dec 14:00 -
28 Dec 14:00

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Father-son combination Carlos & Xavier Vandemeulebroecke (Saint-Leger) have been a fixture in Belgian pigeon racing for decades. Their palmares include: 1st Internat. Agen 11,444b. - 2nd National Brive 4,384b. - 2nd National Limoges 6,949b. - 2nd National Narbonne 7,027b. - 3rd National St Vincent 3,080d. - 3rd National Montauban 4,801d. - etc...To put such performances on paper, more than class must be present.

Especially for Pigeon Bids, this tandem selected 9 pigeons from the very best their breeding loft has to offer. These include direct children "Marseille" (1st acebird Internat. Marseille '19-'20'-21-'22) - "646" (1st prov. - 3rd Nat. St Vincent) - base breeder "Djokovic", etc..