DNA guarantee

Full brother of “Champion”winner of:
1st prize OLR Thailand  (530km) 2020
against 1,941b. (velocity: 1.120 m/m)
Prize money: 125,000€ 
Auction money: 103,000€

Is a cousin to:
“642-18”, winner of 
1st prize OLR Balkanic Fair Play (500km)
Prize money: 10,000€
“295-20”, winner of 
4th prize OLR Pattaya (530km) 2021 
Prize money: 15,000€ 
Auction money: 8,500€

Father: “Gaba” B15-4134167 
– original Verstraete R. & X.
Direct son of “Gabana” (son of “Xtra” – grandson of 
“Topstar” - grandson of “Bliksem” Vandenabeele)
Direct son of “Daughter Blue Star” (granddaughter of 
“Topstar” x “Kathy” – granddaughter of “Ohlala” x 

Mother: “DV04116-17-0250” 
Granddaughter “De Lorris”
 (NL02-5241328 – original Koopman)
Granddaughter “Miss Dynamite”
(NL00-1211111 – original Koopman)
Direct daughter “B08-2100902”
(original Evenpoel – 100% Engels J. & J.)


  • Breeder:
    Haggenmüller H + S
  • Seller:
    Haggenmüller H + S



More info

Lot 3 “Brother Champion”


Winning bid
€ 10,000.00