Pigeon Bids Jules & Yves Engels - Part 2

24 Jan 14:00 -
03 Feb 14:00

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We bring a very exclusive group of young pigeons from the legendary colony Engels from Putte, iron strong and at the highest level of Belgian pigeon sport since decades now. A family that breeds pigeon sport and that had one of their best seasons ever in their career in 2021. With a.o. 13x TOP 10 National (z) with the old, yearlings and youngsters. They won 2x 1st National (z), 3x 2nd National (z), 3x 4th National (z) and 2x 5th National (z). On top of this also the 4th National Tulle, 6th National La Souterraine, 8th National Issoudun and 2x 10th National Chateauroux. We offer direct children out of their best breeders from this colony with the emphasis on the old base strains of the old days ( 178/94, Argenton and Limoges ). The highest quality is being offered once again.