Pigeon Bids Johan & Wil Boonen

29 Jan 14:00 -
07 Feb 14:00

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In this exclusive internet sale on the extreme long distance we bring you 10 pearls of the very best from the colony of Johan & Wil Boonen from Buggenum (NL). In the last 5 seasons they won 7 x TOP 6 National on flights above 800km and in 2021 they won the highest classic from Barcelona with 1st National Barcelona against 4,838 pigeons with “Caatje” and with their new super cock “679” they won 6th National Marseille 4,310 pigeons ( after 2nd National Agen in 2020 against 6,844 pigeons). In recent years they have also won 1st National Marseille 2,735p (2nd Int. Nat. 10,029p), 3rd National Bergerac 21,204p, 3rd National Marseille 2,734p.