Pigeon Bids "Harry" (Jan Hooymans) Edition

25 Feb 14:00 -
04 Mar 14:00
12 Pigeons

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They are very rare and we are talking about pigeons which first perform uniquely themselves and then afterwards pass on their top qualities in several generations. One such pigeon, without any discussion, is "Harry" (NL07-2007621) of world citizen Jan Hooymans. "Harry"...born out of "Jonge Bliksem" (son "Bliksem" Gaby Vandenabeele) x "Dirkje" (daughter "Kleine Dirk" Gerard Koopman) But there's more, the whole family around "Harry" knows no bounds with its talents! Unique what this "pigeon family" has already brought into the world.

In this internet sale we offer:
Daughter "Beauty Harry"
Son "New Harry"
Grandchildren "Harry "
Grandchildren "Beauty Harry" (the father of that other phenomenon "New Harry")
Grandchildren "New Harry "
Grandchild base pair "Jonge Bliksem" x "Dirkje"