Pigeon Bids Hagens Gebroeders May 2021

17 May 14:00 -
27 May 14:00
13 Pigeons

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Famous Dutch marathon champions Hagens Gebroeders (Achthuizen) offer a superb selected group of 13 youngbirds all born out their famous race- and stockbirds 

Hagens Gebroeders are not only performing very well themselves (in 2020 no less than 16 prizes were clocked in the Top-100 national) but they are also the founder of numerous top performing marathon lofts, that is the strength of the Hagens Gebroeders birds.
One of their main breeders is champion bird “Angelo”. In 2020 Perpignan International was raced in +40 degrees and 1 direct child and 4 (great) grandchildren of “Angelo” won:

 “Bauke” (g. grandchild): 15th Nat. Perpignan 3,354b.
“De 3-drietjes” (grandchild): 22nd Nat. Perpignan 3,354b.     
“Sietse” (g.grandchild): 24th Nat Perpignan 3,354b.
“Donald” (grandchild): 43rd Nat Perpignan 3,354b.
“Mees” (child): 63th Nat. Perpignan 3,354b.