Pigeon Bids Gebroeders Hagens

19 Feb 14:00 -
01 Mar 14:00
15 Pigeons

Auction details

Famous Dutch marathon champions Hagens Gebroeders (Achthuizen) offer a superb selected group of 15 youngbirds all born out their famous race- and stockbirds such as "Gijs" (7th Nat. Barcelona), "Angelino" (10th Nat. St. Vincent), "Angelo" (43rd Nat. Agen and 63rd Nat. Perpignan), "De 3-drietjes" (15th Nat. Pau, 22nd Nat. Perpignan, 24th Nat. Dax), "Tom" (4th ace ZLU), "Ranomi" (14th Nat. Barcelona)