Pigeon Bids De Bruine / Van der Meulen

19 Feb 14:00 -
27 Feb 14:00

Auction details

In this internet sale 9 pearls from the heart of the 2 colonies of Jacky & Leen De Bruine and PWA Van Der Meulen. Also in 2022 1st National Barcelona was won against 4,842 pigeons in the Netherlands with a descendant of super breeder “823” from PWA Van der Meulen. The superbreeder where several grandchildren are present in this auction. In addition, the family of “823” performed a.o. 1st National Barcelona with “El Cid” , 1st National Bergerac ’19 with “Bergerac”, 2nd National Barcelona with “Mr.Fit Barcelona”, 5th National Barcelona ’20. Super class at the marathon year after year...


Superbreeder "823" PWA Van der Meulen
Descendants won 

   1      Nat     Barcelona ’22          4.842p
   1      Nat     Barcelona ’18          3.932p
   1      Nat     Bergerac ’19          23.728p
   2      Nat     Barcelona ’19          4.132p
   5      Nat     Barcelona ’20          4.480p
   8      Nat     Bordeaux               10.637p
   8      Nat     Perpignan                5.589p
 14      Nat     Barcelona ’21          4.919p