Pigeon Bids Bas Weijers

10 Dec 14:00 -
20 Dec 15:00
9 Pigeons

Auction details

In this internet auction 9 top birds from the very best OLR breeders of Bas Weijers are offered. Only a few years ago Bas started his OLR-dream to compete with the very best fanciers in the world. ‘To compete with the best, you need to get the best’. That’s why he choose to buy from topfanciers Mike Ganus, Simon Wolf and Thomas Kornelius. 
In 2022 Bas won 1st Place FINAL RACE Sofia against 983 pigeons. His ‘BALKAN REX’ became a break-away winner with a 6 minutes lead after being 13rd. in Semi-Final arriving in the first drop. In the auction, ‘BALKAN REX’ was sold for € 18.000.  Another highlight was 13. place FINAL RACE ARONA DERBY, in an extraordinary hard competition. 
Absolute unique in this auction is a wonderful topson of pairing son x daughter (brother x sister) from wonderpair ‘WOLVERINE’ x ‘LAURA IS A BIG WINNER TODAY’, the very best in OLR in the world.